Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Missionary Style Dec. 8th 2014

On the first day of Christmas my mission gave to me.....a new companion from the MTC.
On the second day of Christmas my mission gave to me...two liahonas.
On the third day of Christmas my mission gave to me....Three used ties.
On the fourth day of Christmas my mission gave to me...four packages.
On the fifth day of Christmas my mission gave to me...Five CTR rings!!!!!!!!!
On the sixth day of Christmas my mission gave to me....Six hour conferences!!!!!!
On the seventh day of Christmas my mission gave to me....Seven days of work!
On the eighth day of Christmas my Mission gave to me....Eight hours of sleep!! :/ 
On the ninth day of Christmas my mission gave to me.....nine Catholics yelling!!!
On the tenth day of Christmas my mission gave to me....ten crappy carolers!!!
On the eleventh day of Christmas my mission gave to me...eleven Books of Mormon.
On the twelfth day of Christmas my mission gave to me.....twelve written letters!!!!

Ok, well, now that that's over, lets get down to business!!! (<-----Anyone? It's pretty easy!!) This week has been a crazy emotional, spiritual, and mental roller coaster!!! It all started Monday.
Monday, I had been enjoying a normal P-day when I got a call from our Zone leaders. They wanted me to bring them something and we would meeting at the Chapel. Well, President Cordova was there and was talking to them and to another Elder in my district. As I got closer I could see that everyone was silent, and that this other Elder had been crying. I fpund out that this Elder had a family member pass away only hours before. The rest of the night I was thinking of what I could do to help this Elder. Well, Tuesday comes and I give my district class. After my class I go and sit by him to see if he was ok and if he needed anything. He got a Little teary eyed and I just put my arm around him to let him know I was there for whatever he needed. Then we go and eat and after lunch I receive a call from this Elders companion. Side note: his companion is from Utah and has only been out for about 4 months and knows Little to nothing in spanish. So I grab a taxi and head over to their house. I send my companion and his companion to go work in my ├írea.  The Zone leaders were in Veracruz on Tuesday so i wasn't able to make contact with them.  I have never prayed more fervently as to know what I should do and say to help this Elder. I got the strong impression to just listen, and when appropriate, talk. So that's what I did. We didn't go out and work, we just talked. Later that night the Zone Leaders called and asked why we didn't go out and work. I told them that he couldn't go and work in this situation. He found out that a member of his family had died just the day before on Monday in the evening. He didn't have enough time to capture everything and felt like it may be best if we didn't go out that day.  I did what I did because He just needed someone to be there for him and dragging him out to work under those circumstances would have been rough. He just needed a little time.  Also, a members father passed away Tuesday evening. So that was Monday and Tuesday and it was emotionally draining.
Wednesday was a normal day. Just checking up on this Elder every now and then but he has been fine and has been working harder and with a new power and ability that very few Elders have. We also went to the funeral service of the brother who died Tuesday evening.
Thursday we had Zone conference. It was suppose to be our Christmas conference. Want to know what we got for Christmas? The FLU SHOT!!!!!!!!!! So Thursday wasn't too great of a day either.
Friday, again, a normal day. Preparing for our baptism Saturday.
Saturday on the other hand was full of surprises!!! We got a call at about 9:30 AM from the Stake Presidents son asking us if we were going to baptize and we told him yea. Then he asks us if we would like another Baptism. Again the answer was the same, yes! What had happened was that there was a girl who is 17 years old who had been attending church with the Stake President and his family for over a year but couldn't get baptized because her parents wouldn't give her permission. Finally the parents gave her the Green light to be baptized. Well the reason why she wanted to be baptized Saturday was so that she could be confirmed Sunday and go to the temple with the Ward this coming Saturday. So to finish the week we had two baptisms and we could go and watch the Christmas Devotional Sundayevening!
As you can see my week has been CRAZY!!!! and now with the news that BSU is going to the Fiesta bowl again makes this week even better!!! By far the craziest week I have had in my 18 months here in Mexico!!! Thanks for everything and I hope you all have a great week! Love you all and the Church is true!!!!
Elder Dial

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