Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Birthday President

 Elder Dial and his companion at the mission presidents 50th birthday celebration

       So this week has been a good week. Although I attended my first funeral last Tuesday. I didn't know the guy but he left behind a wife and I think 3 kids. I' m so grateful for eternal families. If anything ever happened to any one I cared about I would be ok because I know that I would see them again. It would be so very hard  but I would be just fine.
Another one of our investigators has a problem with the word of wisdom. We are trying to help him but he needs to start by helping himself. His wife works in another city so he is home alone a lot. We told him when ever he has the desire to smoke, to sing a hymn or perhaps read the scriptures instead. I can't imagine how hard it would be to try and overcome something like that.
I have yet to see any firefighters, sorry dad, but their police force is intimidating! They ride around in the back of a pickup, about 3 to 6 of them, with their guns ready to go.
School has started here. Starts at 7am and ends at bout 1 or 2.
I met Elder S. finally. He is a real cool missionary. We talked about how Boise has changed since he left and how we think it's going to change while we are out. There are actually a lot of people from Idaho in this mission. I think about 7 or 10.   There is a senior couple from Rexburg here too.
We ride the bus a lot and here, they pack those things like sardines! I'm talking about standing room only! and the double yellow line means nothing here. It's scarey sometimes.
There is no pianist in the ward but luckily I don't have to play. They use a CD player and the Hymns are on a cd. It doesn't help with their singing though.
Dad would hate it here because nobody is on time to anything. Church is suppose to start at 9 but we don't start until 9:15. We need to plan better. We do a lot of unnecessary walking. We will walk from one side of town to the other and back again 3 times a day. I have a blister the size of a quarter on my foot but it doesn't hurt. I finally popped it and  I covered it with super glue because a band aid wouldn't stay on and I didn't want it to get infected.
I have 3 baptisms set up for Sunday. Yeah, they do baptisms here on Sunday and then the Bishop confirms them the following Sunday. 
Congrats Carson and Carly on the baby!! I'm excited to see how she grows while I'm gone.

So I'll include some pictures of my first apartment, my first baptism, my sweet watch tan line, and the wasp nest outside our apartment.
 Kitchen Area/Weight Room
 Study Area

 Wasp Nest
 Sweet Watch Tan Line
 The reason I'm here! My first baptism!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Chickens and dogs run wild!

We sent Parker with a tiny little voice recorder that he can hook into the computer and upload messages. This way he can record his thoughts several times during the week and not have to type them all in the limited amount of time they give him on the computer to send out emails. He was able to send off 4 separate recordings but also typed a few words just in case they didn't send. Here is his typed email:

"ok these voice recordings aren't sending very well. I'll try again. if you don't get them then I'll write what i say if i can remember all of it. anyways, i need ant killer! so many ants in our apartment!. The nights here are bad depending on the weather, if it rains then it is very cool but if not i wake up soaked in sweat.

 Got a letter from Parker Sheehan so that was relly cool and I also got one from Kent and Samantha!!! They both said how proud they were of me. So my first area is like i said hot and humid. The people here are really nice and understanding and know that I don't speak the language very well so they help a lot.

the bracelets work (mosquito repellant) but I don´t think they work as long as they say. They pick up pouch mail every Friday but I probably wont get it until my zone leaders bring it to me. 

Anyways This week has been way better! I had my first baptism on Saturday! A little girl named N. she is 9. After words I couldn´t stop smiling! Then we played volleyball as an activity, in our church clothes. Gave my first talk on Sunday about temples. I´m starting to understand Spanish more and speak it more but it is still a struggle. We´ve had members come teach with us and that has helped a lot. The importance of members is huge! I have yet to see a trantula so thats good! well I have to go. I pray these voice recodings make it love you all so much!"

   Now imagine a rooster crowing in the back ground as I summarize his recordings. He says he feels like captain Kirk from Star Trek making them but it was so cool to hear his voice! He is definitely having a better week. He said there are dogs everywhere running in the streets and starving.He talked about playing volleyball and everybody yelling at him but he couldn't understand if they were trash talking him or encouraging him so he took it as they were cheering for his really great skills that he learned from his friends Mandi and Stacia. He said when it rains it is a downpour and luckily it rains everyday almost because it cools things off at night. They have no hot water but that is ok because after being so hot all day a cold shower feels great. He said the Mission President Training fireside we had a couple of months ago doesn't apply to them. So far the only thing they can use the computer or any electronics for is to email on p-day. The phone rang during one of the recordings so I got to hear him speak Spanish. He actually did very well I thought....until he started speaking English! HA HA   
   He has felt the Lord's blessings as he struggled. An experience he shared was that as he and his companion were coming out of the church in one of the downpours, Lighting struck the lighting rod they have at the Church just feet in front of them. He said he could hear the zipp and static and then the huge clap of thunder. It really took him back and he realized how protected he was and it woke him up to thinking of Heavenly Father saying "Hey this is my time. Stop worrying about home and get to work." He hasn't been homesick since. He still misses all of you and is grateful for your letters, love and prayers in his behalf.


Monday, August 12, 2013

First E-Mail from Mexico

This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do! I don't understand the language and it's so hot here! My first area is in Tierra Blanca and it is the hottest area in the mission. The humidity is horrible! I've never sweat this much before! Try taking a shower in a small room and not turning on the fan and then you'll be close to how it feels in Mexico. Like I said this is so hard!  Every morning I wake up and pray for the strength to make it through the day. I couldn't do this without the help of the Lord. I have never prayed harder in my life.
My trainer is Elder G and he is a from the Dominican Republic and he speaks very little English. We get long great. I m teaching him English and he is teaching me Spanish.
Our apartment is horrible. I sleep on a mattress on the floor and there are constantly bugs and lizards and spiders everywhere! I was cleaning this morning and killed more spiders today than I would in an entire month in Boise. The people here are great and understanding.
Yes my Pday is on Monday. I miss you all so much! Like I've said before there is nothing harder than this! But I know the Church is true no matter where you are. Even though I miss everyone I know I need to be here.
Sorry I didn't write much but I had to email my mission president and read like 15 emails!!  Love you all so much but I could really use some help. I can't do this alone! (sounds like Parker would love a few extra prayers)
Sorry no pictures yet. Not a lot of time. But I do have a baptism set up for Saturday. It was suppose to be yesterday but it didn't happen.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ready or Not, Mexico Here I Come

Elder Dial left for Mexico early Monday morning (Aug. 5th). We talked to him for about 30 minutes which was barely enough time to take care of business like checking funds, making sure we hadn't forgot to send something he may need, asking about companions and who he was flying with ect. He sounded very tired and a little nervous....both understandable, but ready and anxious to teach the gospel. If all went well he arrived in Veracruz at 8:00pm. There is only one hour time difference between Boise and Veracruz. I was so anxious to get a "greenie" package to him in the mail, I sent it to the wrong address so who knows if he will ever see it. I have since found out the correct addresses and have updated them on the bar at the right of this page. He said to be sure and tell everyone hi and thank you for all the letters while he was in the MTC. They help so much!!!!  We don't know when his P-Day is yet but we think maybe Friday or Saturday.  One of the last things he said on the phone was "tell everybody how much I love them"! Keep the prayers and love coming!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Host with the Most...(incredible friends)

We were hoping this would happen but never thought it actually would. When the missionaries are dropped off at the curb, the family gets 2 1/2 minutes to say goodbye. Then they are whisked away by and Elder that has been in the MTC awhile called a HOST. We knew Parker would be hosting on Wednesday but with the hundreds of missionaries dropped off, we didn't know if he would get to host Tyler. We told him to watch for the white van and Tyler's signature hair at around 1:00.  IT HAPPENED!  What a blessing for these two friends to share this experience. They will talk about it the rest of their lives. What a blessing for the Hobsons and the Dials to have raised these 2 young men and that they were both prepared and ready to share in this opportunity at this time at this place! Awesome! Cindy broke the rules and gave him a hug from his mom and got one back for me! Can't wait to get it!