Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Testimony Of The Book of Mormon

Before Elder Dial heads off from here to there, he wants to share with you his 
renewed love of the Book of Mormon.

What I love to do is read and study the Book of Mormon! It wasn't until I came to the MTC that I actually started studying the Book of Mormon. I've read it a couple times before but never really studied it. I love it! I would encourage all you that are reading the Book of Mormon to study it also! The knowledge you will receive will be greater than reading any other book. If you still aren't reading or haven't read the Book of Mormon I again extend the challenge to you. I can sit here and tell you how much I love reading the Book of Mormon and what blessings will come from reading it, but unless you actually experience it, you won't know what I'm talking about. You have agency so I can't force you to read it, but I would encourage you to read it. Again you can't know of my joy and happiness unless you experience it yourself. I know the Book of Mormon is true! That Joseph Smith restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ again on the Earth. I pray that the Book of Mormon will become more than just another book to you, rather a tool that you can use to enhance your life. Take the challenge. Read the Book of Mormon just once. Just one time, and you will know what I am talking about when I and countless others say that the Book of Mormon will bless your life in ways you can't even imagine. I leave this promise with you. A promise that prophets and apostles have promised from when the earth was created. That promise is this, that you will grow closer to God and Christ. And that as you read and study it, you will discover and receive answers to your prayers. You can be comforted in times of trials as well as receive knowledge as to how to over come these trials. But know this, the Lord will answer our prayers, but it may not be how we want or when we want them, but he will answer them. We have to do our part and be patient and be looking for our answers. God may answer our prayers, but unless we are constantly searching for an answer and have faith that we will receive an answer, then we may miss the quite whisperings of the Holy Spirit. 

Last week at the MTC

    We are officially the last district in our zone. So that makes us a district/zone. I'm hoping to be able to host tomorrow and I'll be sure to get Tyler. One of my companions left, Elder V, so now I'm back to only having one companion again. It was a little weird not having him here because he is such an awesome guy. He was hilarious and had such a strong testimony of the Gospel. I hope this week doesn't drag on! I'm so ready to get out of the MTC! I may not know the language very well but I'm just ready to leave. We are continuing to teach our "investigators" but I'm ready to just get out and teach a real investigator!

 Who will win the football game this season?

 God speed Elder V!

 How Now Idaho Cow

Last District/Zone of Spanish Speaking Elders

Spanish Teachers

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

Lets not compare the amount of food between these two friends.
 I am sure Elder Spjute put a couple of his empty milks on Elder Dial's tray!

                                                    Can you pick out the instructor?
                                                            Did you guess this guy?
                                      Elder Dial's companion's are the two that are injured.

                                                                    Couldn't resist!

                                    Doesn't every missionary have a picture at the MTC like this?

                                                   This one is for the Sasser's and Fur!

So yesterday I went to get my Visa in Vegas. We left at about 6 AM but our flight didn't leave until about 8:30 so we were there a couple hours early. Once we arrived in Vegas, the first thing you see as you walk off the plane are slot machines. And their airport, its actually a mall! So many stores there! After that Elder G picked us up and took us to the UNLV institute building to hang out until it was time to go get our Visas. Don't worry I was wearing my BSU tie and whistled/sang the BSU fight song as often as I could. It was just Elder K and I from our district but we had a group of 8 others with us. Anyways, when at the consulate some security guard talked to us for about 45 minutes about himself and Mexico. It was cool but weird at the same time. After we left the consulate,( it only took us about 2 minutes to sign our visa) the guy kept talking to us. Finally we went back to the institute building and Elder G talked to us about the Bible for about 2 hours. Then we left for the airport. It took us forever to get our boarding passes. Four of us got ours, me being one of them, but the other 6 couldn't figure it out so we waited in line for about 30-45 more minutes. Finally some one calls church travel and gets the rest of the boarding passes except one. So they (Elder G and the missionary) went and waited in line while the rest of us  went to catch the plane. To get to our plane we had to go on like a subway train! It was pretty cool. Don't worry everyone made it on the plane. It was funny because as we were walking some lady said "y'all need to praise Jesus!! Y'all are mislead!" I got a chuckle out of that. Anyways we weren't able to give out any Books of Mormon because the church wouldn't let us! weird right?! Well it's because of the separation of church and state because the airport is a government building.We got a lot of support from random people who walked up to us just to say thanks, good luck, God bless, and we're praying for you. It was way cool! It was a great experience in Vegas though! I now know what it means to be in the world but not of the world!
   I got to see Cody one last time before he left which was cool. I hope I can be a host when Tyler comes next week. One of our teachers left for Mexico City MTC on Monday so we are suppose to get a new teacher sometime but I don't know who or when. I hope all is well with everyone!  Oh that reminds me, I also ran into a couple of KSL sports reporters who just got out of a MTN West conference meeting with all the coaches! They said BSU is ranked #1, no big surprise there, but they picked BYU to beat BSU this year! I was shocked! Yea last year was a close game but come on!! I'm excited for football season but hopefully nothing too exciting will happen while I'm out like what happened with Carson and the Fiesta Bowl while he was out.... then again, that would mean BSU would win a huge bowl game so maybe they should do something exciting and big while I'm gone! Go Broncos!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Breakfast of Champions

   Look who Elder Dial had a bowl of cereal with! I borrowed this picture from Elder Spjute but received a letter saying that he had breakfast with Cody and they took a bunch of pictures he would attach on his email tomorrow. Check back Wednesday to see if he was able to follow through. Their time on the computer is so limited that if he has problems at all, I know him and he will bag it. If he sends them I will post them. He said that he was headed to Las Vegas to sign his VISA today (Monday). That is very exciting because that means he will leave on schedule. P-Day is tomorrow so please write those emails today (grandma) family and friends!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do you think it's broken?

So this past week has been pretty crazy. Last Tuesday my companion and I added another companion into our group. His name is Elder V. He is 19 and from Alabama so his favorite team is Alabama. Gross! Anyways he is a really cool guy. The reason why he was added to our companionship is because he had to get surgery on his elbow and his district left to go into their missions. He is going to Monterrey, Mexico. The reason for his surgery was because he needed to get the screws and plate removed. He broke it a while ago so it was just a follow up surgery. So that's what I did yesterday morning. This morning I was waiting in the waiting room all morning waiting for Elder S to figure out what he did to his pinkie finger. Yesterday while Elder V and I were gone, Elder S was playing basketball and hurt his finger really bad. It was really swollen and black and blue. So I went all EMT on him and wrapped his pinkie to minimize movement until a doctor could actually see him. Well turns out he fractured his finger. So tomorrow Elder V is going to take him to the doctor off campus to see what the treatment is going to be. That way I can stay in class and learn! Our room has become the sick ward! The running joke, and I hope it stays a joke, is now I'm going to break my shoulder/collar bone because the other Elders in my room broke an elbow and pinkie/hand. Like I said, I hope it stays a joke!
I'm glad to hear everyone is doing OK! I'm glad Carson, Carly, Aubry, and Jeff made it home safely. Sounds like they all had a blast! I got all the pictures you sent me. I don't know what to do with them all because I don't think I can print them off. But I loved all of them! and especially the video of Ethan in the swing. Hilarious!
I got a hair cut today! I is exactly how I like it! The guy who did it didn't even use scissors, well, except for the bangs but it was impressive. All he asked me was "short on the side and a little off the top?" I said sounds good not knowing how short "short on the sides was" was and how much a little of the top was. But i turned out pretty fantastic. I'll try and send some more pictures. Elder C. Spjute says Hi. I see him a lot because he has his meals about 10 minutes before we have ours, so I can usually spot him if I look for him.
So we found out that we are the last district in our zone. our zone is being discontinued because they are now sending all the Spanish speakers, stateside and foreign, to the Mexico MTC or the other South American MTCs. They will still have a zone/branch 1 but it wont be Spanish speaking. Plus our Branch President is going to I think Costa Rica or some place like that to be in the Temple presidency there.
This past week we've learned alot about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it in the conversion process. It was super cool. It made me love the Book of Mormon even more! I love reading it, especially in Spanish because it makes me focus harder so I can understand what I'm reading. If anyone isn't reading it, I would highly recommend it. It is the most correct book in all the world and the blessings one receives from reading it are too great and too numerous to deny! It truly is another testament of Jesus Christ.
I had a couple other neat experiences. Last week I had the opportunity to give Elder S. a blessing of comfort. He was feeling a little home sick so he asked and I was more than happy to give him one. I was also able to assist Elder S in giving Elder V a blessing before his surgery. They were very powerful blessings and the spirit that was present reminded me that I want to be able to bless my family in the future and in order to do that I have to be worthy of the Priesthood. It still amazes me that God has given us his own power here on the Earth. As imperfect as we all are, he still trusts us. Which is even further evidence that God loves all his children and wants the best for all.
Mom, I don't know what else you want to know about my companion. I've already told you where he comes from, about his family, and his age. haha let me know and I'll try and dig a little deeper. Oh and I would love some home made jam if Grandma or you have any.
Dad, Yes we sing our hymns in Spanish and I'm starting to pray more and more in Spanish too. No we don't get to leave the MTC to go to the mall, but we did leave it today to go get and x-ray of Elder S finger. Sundays we usually have priesthood in the morning then sacrament at like 3 in the afternoon. Priesthood meetings are usually out of the Preach my Gospel booklet.
So I met with a member of the Branch presidency just so he could check up on things and see how everything is going. He said I was one of the top to be chosen to be a district leader in both cases. we switch district leaders every 3 weeks. Anyways he said I don't know why you weren't chosen but I like to think it's the Lord's way of saying "thanks. Thank you for being prepared." That was really cool. Then i read my Patriarchal blessing and It helped me remember of all the important things the Lord has planned for me.
Well I'm out of time. In fact a little over. Love you all and I love getting your letters.
Love, Elder Dial
p.s. Go Broncos! I'm excited for Football season to start!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

We Have Pictures!!

  Elder Dial sent home one of his camera cards in his last letter. He went to buy a card reader at the bookstore but they were all out so sending it home was the next fastest way to get us a look into his life at the MTC. Only problem with that is they come with no explanation of who is who so the following is just our best guess of the people in the photos with him. In his letter he did mention that he saw and talked to Elder C. Spjute. It really made his day!There just must be a great deal of comfort knowing one of your best friends is close by experiencing some of the same things you are at the very same time! Maybe they will even get a game of basketball in together during their exercise time. Next he will be keeping his eye out for Elder T. Hobson!
                                                                        His Companion
                                                                    The District Elders

                      The Temple is closed for cleaning so they wont have the opportunity to go inside.

                                               The Whole District (more Sisters than Elders!)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Idaho "Cow" Boy

Elder Dial has been great to write letters to his mom and dad. Most are very short but it is always great to hear about everything he is experiencing. In one of his letters he told us that there is a stuffed cow that gets passed around the MTC. It is handed down from one Idaho Elder to another. You sign your name on it and pass it on to the next Idaho Elder you meet. He felt privileged to sign "Elder Parker Dial" to that ol cowhide! He has had many ups and just as many downs these past 2 weeks ....so it sounds like he is right on track! He is thankful for all the letters from his family and friends so keep them coming.
Here is his latest email:

So that 777 that crashed in San Fran, my branch president here at the MTC was on that plane. Not when it crashed obviously but it was flying onto to Cali out of Salt Lake and my Branch President got off in Salt Lake. Pretty scary. Anyways my week has been busy, as most of the weeks here at the MTC. The 4th was alright. not the best ....but it sounds like it was better than the one in Boise. We got to watch "17 Miracles" and then go watch the Stadium of Fire but because of all the trees, we couldn't really see much. I found an opening in the trees and was able to see about half the stadium. It will be my last 4th of July until I get back! Maybe in Mexico I can have a little fiesta with my companion depending on where he is from.

Sorry no pictures yet. I need a card reader to put them on the computer and the store was all out. And I've only taken about 5-7 pictures total. I'll try and send home the card because I have another one.
So we got another investigator this week. It was so awesome! My companion and I finally decided to go in unscripted and it was 1000x better!! The spirit was so strong and we may have been stumbling over words but that didn't matter! It didn't occure to me that by writing out what we were going to say meant that I wasn't putting all of my trust in the Lord! But for every good time there is always a bad time and mine was yesterday. I was great until dinner. after dinner it was like I had never even heard the language before! I couldn't understand anything and I couldn't speak any Spanish either! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. It amazes me how much I've learned though! I've learned more in 2 weeks than I did in an entire year of Spanish class!! Our teacher came in and told us the IOS7 was coming out and I got thinking, The world could be at war right now and I wouldn't have a clue! haha I guess thats how it is suppose to be though. We are litterally to be in the world but not of the world! Thanks for all your prayers! I can truely feel every single one! Love you so much!!
Love, Elder Dial

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First P-Day

Hey Everyone,
   This past week has been a little overwhelming. On Friday my companion and I had to teach a fake investigator (a guy that pretends he isnt a member) in spanish! His name is fernando. It was a little wierd because we couldn't really understand him so we answered a lot of his questions with Si or bueno. We've gotten better. still dont understand him very well but we understand more and more each time we teach him. The language is coming along very nicely. Not as fast as I would like but I'm still learning tons. My companion and I decided to make a goal of learning 50 new words each week. It seems dificult but just yesterday our entire district learned about 25 new words just by asking our teacher what certain words meant. Our teacher is pretty awesome. She is super short though. She is very patient with us and encourages us to always ask questions and answer question in spanish. Although we only do that about 25% of the time.
   The AC is working! I don't know what happened but no one in my room messed with it except me and I was pretty sure I broke it. It hasnt been too hot here. Then again I'm in the classroom or in a building 95% of the time. the only time I'm not in a building is when I am walking to another building or go to the missionary field during gym time. P-day is pretty relaxing. This morning I did laundry and then had some personal time. After I had Personal Study time for an hour and then
i had to do some stuff on missionary portal. Lunch is usually at noon and then after we go to the Temple but I heard the temple is closed for 6 weeks because it is being cleaned. So if that's the case then I won't be able to go to the Temple until I get down to Mexico and that time will just turn into more personal time here at the MTC. After that we have a devotional at 7 and then devotional review at 8 and then planning session with my companion from 9 to 9:30.
   The food is pretty good. Nothing like Mom's homemade meals, but still good. My Companion is from Rock Springs Wyoming. If I remember correctly I had a baseball tournament there two summers ago. During gym time I either play basketball or 4 square in the gym and when I go to the field I'll play volleyball. And Dad I'll get a hair cut soon. It's getting kinda long. For the 4th we are having a special devotional at I think 7 and then I think they said we were going to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks show somewhere but I can't remember. I'll let you know what happens.  Miss you all tons and I will write you soon.
Elder Dial