Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This is were I live...This is what I Do!

So this week has been a crazy week for sure. Tuesday we had our last interview with President Treviño. It was a very spiritual experience. Then Wednesday we left early in the morning to go to the court house because my companion was being a witness for a marriage. Then Friday we had splits. I went to Orizaba, a city about an hour away from Cordoba, and got to work with our Zone Leader. It was a fun day. We were contacting and a lot of people didn't pay attention when we are talking so my Zone Leader would throw in a "so the Book of Mormon is true?" question and the person would usually respond "uh yea" or "Yes of course!" It was so funny. Also we contacted a guy who walked out with just his underwear on. We got talking and he asked what he needed to do to attend church. I quickly responded, "the only thing you need to do is arrive with pants." MY Zone leader got a kick out of that. Then Saturday I got to talk to all of you! and later we had a baptism and after we had a little celebration for all the mothers in the Ward. Sunday was a normal day with another baptism for us. Well, it's complicated. Yes we taught the guy and everything but technically he was out of our boundaries and our bishop threw a fit and told us that he as a bishop couldn't give him a calling and that he, C. our investigator, wouldn't progress. I was very upset!! He had been attending our Ward with his Girlfriend and they have plans on getting married. Clearly he doesn't know anybody else in the Ward he is suppose to go to because he has been attending our Ward for the past month and a half! I know I'm not a bishop but I hope to be able to understand this better someday.
Anyways that's about my week for ya. I'm sure glad I got to talk to ya. Love ya and have a great week!!!

Our chapel

The baptismal font

Our Apartment (My desk is on the right)

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Child of a Fireman

So this week has been pretty normal. Besides the fact that Wednesday through Saturday, it was cloudy and wet. It didn't rain though. It literally was a light mist all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were just cloudy and then Saturday it misted again. 
This week we have a couple baptisms lined up. A couple is going to get married Friday and then Saturday we are going to baptize them. This family is AMAZING!!! They have two kids who we baptized last week, but they are so fun and loving and I can't wait until they are all sealed in the temple. 
So I'm almost done reading the New Testament. I'm currently in Revelation 11 or 12, but it's very interesting. I have found so many great scriptures that I can refer back to. I just love the scriptures!!! 
So my companion completed one year on his mission on May 1st. So yes we burned his shirt! It was pretty funny. I also took the opportunity to burn my BSU clothes hamper that had broke. Don't worry, I was decked out in my BSU gear and gave it a proper burning. Well, After my companion burned his shirt and before I started my little ceremony, we put a cardboard box on the floor because my companion completely marked up the floor with his shirt so we didn't want to add to the problem. Well Long story short, we are cleaning up the mess and I go to lift up the cardboard that my companion had dumped water on. I go to make sure it was put out properly because it was still smoking quite a bit. Anyways, I lift up the cardboard a little and sure enough flames started creeping towards my hand at an alarmingly fast rate. So I walk back to the sink and fill a large water bottle with water and douce the fire. I may be in Mexico but I still love playing with fire and using the skills that Dad has taught me to put it out! Hahaha
Anyways nothing much left to say other than I'll call home this Saturday at about 12:45 Mexico Time. Love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Dial

Ward Changes at Home

WHAT THE HECK!!!!! New ward?!?!  Don't know how I feel about the Ward change but I guess I don't have a say in it. None the less I will support the new bishopric.
 We had our stake conference Saturday and Sunday and Elder Allen R Walker presided. He was born in Argentina but served his mission in Nashville Tennessee. It was a pretty cool experience.
But before that, yes we did have a baptism. We baptized two siblings and their parents will follow here in two weeks. But it was a struggle for V. The night before the baptism we went to visit them to make sure everything was in check. Well we get there and her mom says "V has something to tell you." My red flag flung into the air! She then told us she didn't want to get baptized because she felt pressured and didn't feel ready. Well after a long discussion I asked her if she would like a priesthood blessing. She accepted and then I proceeded to give the blessing. We told her we would return tomorrow to check if anything had changed and then we left. The next morning, after much prayer, we visited Vanessa. To our shock, she still declined to be baptized. A little discouraged we left. When we went to go eat with our District Leader, he asked us about her and then told us that he was going to talk with her. Well, from the account of my district leader he told us that when he walked in she told him that she was going to be baptized. The power of the Priesthood is real. God does answer prayers. I am a witness of it. Her younger brother, A, was baptized also. He is 8 and is very small. Small enough that I baptized him kneeling down. He's a great kid though. Full of energy!!!

Here are some pictures. the one thing I noticed, besides the lack of muscle is my amazing farmers tan!!!

Also, one week without a bathroom. We came so close to having to break a few walls to figure out what was clogging it. It's still not 100% unclogged but the code red has reduced to code yellow. 

The trees in Orizaba. A City about 1 hour away from Cordoba by bus. That is where our stake conference was held.
So I apologize but I also forgot another cool experience, well, a little more on the frustrating side but still good. So we went tracting yesterday and we stumbled across this guy who has a lot of doubts of what we believe. Well, really just one because all his other doubts can be referenced back to one, The Book of Mormon. He began explaining that we don't need the book of Mormon because we have the bible and then started quoting all these verses from the bible that say to not add to the bible and that if an angle appears from heaven, referring to the Angle Moroni who appeared to Joseph Smith, teaching a different doctrine then its false and how we don't know if Joseph Smith was a prophet or not and a bunch of stuff like that. I then proceeded to explain why we have the Book of Mormon. I told him it was another Testament of Jesus Christ and that we have Joseph Smith's testimony about the Book of Mormon along with 11 others who saw the plates. He then started to explain why we couldn't trust those testimonies. So that's when I asked him of he had ever been to the US. He said no and then I asked him how he knew it was really there. I then explained that we know the US exists because of the numerous testimonies we have of it. I then bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and how by reading the Book of Mormon we can know the truthfulness of it and by that means we also know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. You cannot have a testimony of The Book of Mormon and not have a testimony of Joseph Smith and visa-verse. I hope you all take the chance to read the Book of Mormon. I know it is true! I would not be here in Mexico right now if I even doubted. Love you all and may the Lord continue to bless you. 

Elder Dial

Easter in Mexico

So I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter. Here we did nothing special. I loved getting all the pictures. So What's up with Eric's Beard? Did Carson heckle him enough or did he lose a bet or what? Hahahaha
So my new area is in Cordoba. It's a city about the size of Boise more or less. I haven't explored the entire city yet so I don't know exactly. I'm about 2 hours away from my last area. My new companion is Elder A. He is from Mexico..... a city near Mexico City. I don't remember nor if I did I couldn't spell it. Anyways he has 1 transfer more than I do. We are both senior companions. Right now he has the bigger role because he knows the area and the members. Oh we also don't have a chapel here. It's a "house of prayer". It's sad! Some how we fit 100 people in there. I'll send pictures next week. I have yet to take any. At least we have a place to meet. 
So more about the City. The weather here is almost exactly like Boise!! I love it!!!! It's in the mountains so it's not blazing hot all the time. Yes there are hot days but not like in Tres Valles or Veracruz. It rains here more so I'll probably need to buy a rain coat.
Our house has 2 stories. Well the second story is where the bathroom is. It's weird but oh well. At least we have a bathroom. Well we had....I clogged the toilet and can't get it unclogged. I literally tried everything!!! Even shoving my arm down the toilet to see if I could at least see what was clogging it but to no avail! I figured I'm in Mexico and I've seen a lot nastier things so I decided to go for it.Anyways, there's an interesting story for all y'all and some good notes for your book Carson! ;) 
 Also the rail road is directly in front of our house!!!! It can get annoying! Especially in the middle of the night when the train roars by blaring its horn!!!! Anyways, Still trying to get used to the area. Like I said I'm loving it here in Cordoba! The weather is perfect and the people are great. Love you all and remember that the worth of souls is great in the sight of God! So go out and RESCUE!!!!!!!!


Love Elder Dial


So this week brings us to another transfer day! Well, it's officially tomorrow (Tuesday). It seems like it was last week that we had transfers. Well with all transfers, there is good news and bad news. Bad news, I'm leaving this area. An area that I love just as much, if not more, than my first area. The good news is, I'm going to Cordova! I won't have to suffer much because there, it's not as hot as here in the port and not nearly as hot as in Tres Valles. I'm excited and a little nervous, but mostly excited.
Those of you who took Elder Ballard's advice, well I think it was Elder Ballard, on studying Preach my Gospel, I suggest to start at the beginning. There it explains the purpose as a missionary and also includes some ways to study. Recently I studied the attributes of Christ and found out I have a LOT to work on. I would also love to hear what you have been studying.
So this week we have been struggling with baptisms. In part due to my pride and boasting to all of you so I want to apologize for that. And the other part due to my companion and I having some differences in view. Let's just leave it at that. 
Other good news, no missionary that I know of was traveling on the bus that crashed yesterday so no worries there. Most of the traveling we do is by foot or taxi. Unless it's super far away and then we take a bus. Tomorrow I will take the bus to Cordova and others to other destinations.
I don't have much other news only that I hope you all have fun at the Easter Picnic and tell everyone hi for me. Love you all and Happy Easter!!

Elder Dial

Battle Orders

Well, first I want to start off by saying one of the newly called area 70, Carlos Walter Treviño, is my current mission president!!!!!!! I was shocked when they announced his name.
Second, it being after conference, we have heard the words of a living prophet and living apostles. That being said, I want to relate a story. It´s called "Battle Orders"  It goes as follows:
"Some years ago, during the Korean War, an army leader tried to act self-sufficient. As a platoon leader he received an order from his General that read, 'I am sending you and your men to a ridge located at the following map points. You are to arrive at the ridge at precisely 0200 hours and observe the enemy until 0210 hours.' That meant he´d have to just sit for ten minutes, looking at the enemy from this secret place high above them. He was directed to leave the ridge at exactly ten minutes after two.
He took his men to the ridge as told. He arrived on schedule at 0200 hours. He saw the enemy directly below, sound asleep, tanks dismounted, guns not even assembled. He thought, 'If we wait for ten minutes one of my men may make a sound, and the enemy could be alerted to full strength.' So, thinking the General had made an error, he sent his men down the hill to engage the enemy. When they reached the bottom at precisely 0202 hours, the air was filled with artillery shells from the allied guns many miles away--an all out attack.
Everyone died but the platoon leader. At 2010 hours the shelling stopped. At 0211 amid the stony silence, the platoon leader said but one thing; 'I didn't know what the General knew'"  -As told by SGT Steven Seideman, Uijongbu, Korea, Dec., 1995.

I love this story because it highlights the importance of obedience! We all received personal revelation and instruction but it is our choice to be obedient or not. I hope you learn from this story the importance of being obedient.

So on to my week. This week has been pretty slow. Except for Conference. That shot by! I love conference! Within the first day of conference, all but one of my questions were answered! Of my favorites were Elder Holland, of course, President Eyring and President Uchtdorf. I wasn't able to listen to President Monson speak sunday morning. In fact I didn't get to watch the last hour. It's a long frustrating story that has to do with the stake president here.
Like I said this week was pretty slow. Nothing real exciting happened. Oh I almost forgot! Friday we had an activity as a district to invite and remind everyone of General Conference.
So Friday morning we are making Agua de Jamaica in the house of a member. It's already starting to get hot so the front door was open. Well sure enough the Jehova Witnesses show up and shout through the door, "Good Morning." Oh were they surprised when I walked to the door! The look on the poor lady's face was priceless! She then nervously started to talk to me. She handed me a pamphlet that they had and explained it a little. She said it was about the resurrection and what it means for us. I then told her that we also had a pamphlet that we would like to give to her that talks about the same thing. She then told me that when I passed by here house she would be more than willing to accept it but right then and there no. I was going to ask for her address so we could pass by but I could tell she didn't want anything to do with us so I let her be. It's quite funny actually. They believe in the resurrection but they believe that God and Christ are spirits. The bible clearly states, when Christ appeared to his apostles, "handle me and see...for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have." 
Anyways, after they left we finished the water and headed to our designated spot. Our goal was to hand our free water and more than 250 little invitations to people. Well it started out slow but quickly picked up. I boarded 3 different buses handing out the invitations while others handed out the water to the passengers. It was pretty funny. I would get on and almost shout because it was so loud but I would explain who we were and what we were doing and hand them a card and the others were right behind me with the water. Well, by 2:00 we had run out of water and cards. It was a fun activity.
You want to know something sad? the members here don't attend Conference! Saturday AM session we had about 10-20 people. Saturday PM about 10 and by the Priesthood session there were about 7. Sunday morning was packed full! About 200-300 people! But Sunday PM dropped back down to about 30. How sad is that! Here we have a wonderful opportunity to listen to the Prophet of the Lord and they don't come. Oh we have a lot of work to do here in Mexico. It's easy to baptize. The hardest part is helping them endure to the end! But I love Mexico! It's a great place and the people are very kind. Love you all and have a fantastic week!

Elder Dial

Catching up...March 31st

March 31st:

First off I want to wish a very Feliz Cumpli Años to Aubry and Jennifer who had their birthdays last week, and also to my cousin Maya who will turn 19 this Wednesday, April 2nd!!

So I hope you all are excited and preparing for this weekend!! I LOVE General Conference!!!! Partly because it's the only time I can watch TV, the only time I can watch TV in ENGLISH, and more importantly, we get to listen to a living Prophet and living Apostles!!!! So this week I´ve been preparing myself for conference. I've been praying about certain questions I have and also I've been listening to and reading conference talks. I know I will receive some sort of revelation that will be EXACTLY what I need! I hope that all of you have prepared! It is a wonderful opportunity to receive personal revelation for personal problems that you may have. Of that I testify!!
Anyways, this week was a pretty good week. So that missed field goal that I told you about last week, well turns out to be the statue of liberty play that made the game! Yes we did baptize and confirm K! It was a miracle and I'm stupid to have doubted! The Lord answered my prayers but, like usual, not in the way that I wanted or expected, but he answered. It was an excellent reminder that God ALWAYS answers our prayers but in HIS time and HIS way.   Also, after the baptism Friday, we were walking home and this guy started talking to us. I thought he was drunk because he started talking to me in English. I'm still not sure if he was drunk or drugged. I couldn't smell the Alcohol or any drugs probably due to the fact that he was smoking. Anyways, he spoke broken English and while we were talking, we find out the guy is a member! A member that is lost! He started talking to us about how he doesn't believe in Joseph Smith, he likes to smoke and drink, and the he doesn't believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. While we were talking I tried to bear my testimony of the word of wisdom and how it was given to us through revelation to a living prophet and how our bodies are temples and we should take care of them by not partaking of these substances, but he didn't want to listen he just wanted to contend. And as it says in the Book of Mormon, "the spirit of contention is not of me (Christ) but is of the devil."He kept telling me he doesn't believe in the trinity because it's only words in the bible and he doesn't believe in words. So after listening to him  I finally told him that we needed to leave. He left a little angry. I think it was because I didn't speak English with him. He spoke to me in broken English and I spoke to him in Spanish. Anyways, as he was leaving he said "I think you have more doubts than I do right now." Well I can say there is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true! I hope all of you have a great week and I pray that you all will be able to watch conference this weekend. It truly is a wonderful time to receive revelation for yourselves. 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM Saturday AND Sunday!! Watch all the sessions! You never know which General Authority will speak to you directly! Love you all!