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Time to Burn Something December 15,2014

Well the time has come for me to say goodbye to the lovely cold weather of Orizaba and say hello to the blazing heat of Veracruz!! That's right folks, TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!! And I'm returning to Veracruz!!! My stake will be the Mocambo Stake and my ward will be 1 de Mayo. The Temple is in my area!!!!! Lastima que no podemos ir!!! But I'm excited! I've finished training Elder P. and I'm moving on. I will still be district leader which I'm fine with because Zone leaders are under a lot more stress and I feel like I can help and be more involved with the missionaries in my district. Don't know much about my new companion. His name is Elder G. and that's all I know.
As many of you know, last week I completed 18 months on the mission and as tradition I burned a pair of pants!

It was kind of anti-clamatic but anything...mixed with fire...can be fun!!! Don't worry Dad, I had the fire under control.  :)
This week was a normal week. Nothing too exciting happened other than that a contact that we, well...contacted came to church. We were knocking doors and were about to leave this one house when the door opened and a 17 year old girl was standing there. We talked for a little while and then invited her to church. She was the only one home so obviously we couldn't enter the hosue but we invited her to church and she came!!! 
Speaking of weight, I had a sad realization today; I'M FAT!!!!!

I was getting my hair cut and the lady asked me to look down so she could cut the back of my head and thats when I saw the true reality of the situation!! My double chin almost dropped to the floor I was so stunned by what I saw!!!! Let's just say I hope my other companion likes to excercise and will help motivate me because having a companion that is lazy, well....doesn't exactly help me motivate myself.
Anyways, I'm hoping with the new area, new comp, and new climate, I'll be able to lose some weight before I return home in 6 months. I'm on my last 4 transfers! If you really want to get crazy, I'm probably headed to my last area! Wow how time flies! Hope everyone has a great week! Love you all and have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Elder Dial

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