Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Halloween Oct.27th 2014

Well, this week has been interesting and a little crappy to say the least. But the Good news is that the Gospel is ALWAYS true!!!
To start things off, we wont be baptizing this week. A drank coffee Saturday and we have a rule that they have to go 3 weeks without breaking the Word of Wisdom. It frustrates me because we tried to do  so much for him! Every time we visited him we checked and asked him not drink coffee!!! We called him, sent him text messages, even bought him Nesquik so that he wouldn't drink coffee but his mom,( who by-the-way, has been present in our lessons,) gave him coffee!!! We had visited him Friday and he was good then Saturday in the morning he drank coffee! It's even more frustrating because he hadn't drank coffee for 3 weeks! But oh well, that's in the past and he WILL be baptized before the end of November!  He was our only baptism we had planned for November. We have a few others we are teaching but they aren't progressing very quickly. We are hoping and praying for miracles here in Mexico. Not only for me and my companion but for the district as well. Our president has a goal that every companionship baptizes in the month of November and so far, we and the Zone leaders are the only ones in the district who have a baptism planed for November. 
Also, I killed a venomous snake this week!!!
I have to give a back story real quick. We were walking in a part of our area around 4 PM and I saw a bamboo rod and picked it up and started walking with it. I didn't know why until much later. about 7:30 we are walking in another part of our area,still walking with my stick, and we come upon 3 people. 2 of them are inside their house screaming out the window and the 3rd outside in the middle of the road. As we are walking the guy in the street asks me if it was a stick that I was carrying. I told him sí and then he asked me if I could kill a snake. It was dark outside and I couldn't see where it was. The guy pointed it out to me and then I went Piñata on that thing. Lets just say it wasn't candy that was falling out. Then after I had killed the thing, the lady who is inside her house brings out a machete. I'm like, "Where was this before?" I did get some cool pictures though. 
Oh, nobody bothered to tell me about the TIME CHANGE!!!!!! We have ward council at 7:30 AM every other Sunday. So we get there and I'm like, "crap, we're late!" But nobody else is there. The bishop shows up a little bit later and asks us why we are so early. He then proceeds to ask us if we had checked Facebook and had seen the announcement about the time change. I was thinking, "right bishop, let me just pull out my IPhone and check real quick." Hahahahaha I wasn't too upset because I got some time to play the piano but my companion was like, "we could've slept another hour?!?!?!" hahahahahaha 
 Anyways, that's about all the excitement of our week. We've walked alot this week. Have a toe that is bothering me so I'll probably just soak it in warm salt water and massage it so that I won't get an ingrown toe nail. but as long as I have the strength to walk, I'm going to walk. Hope everyone has a great week and a very scarey HALLOWEEN!!!!!! 

Elder Dial 

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