Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sorry Mom but I kinda don't want to return home. Nov. 3rd 2014

Pues esta semana fue muy buena!! Tuvimos conferencia de Estaca entonces tuvimos viajar una hora para llegar a tiempo! Pero traemos investigadores!!!
Ok there's your weekly Spanish update! Hahaha The investigators that we brought to church were a couple that we had been working with for some time. They were on the verge of separating when we knocked on their door! We started teaching V (the wife) because her husband was working but we started teaching her and she was in tears when we started talking about how the Gospel of Christ can solve all our problems! She said she wanted her husband to listen and so we set up an appointment and started teaching the two of them. It has been great to watch them change!! It has been a HUGE testimony builder for me!! To know that the Gosple of Jesus Christ changes lives is a hope for all men!!! We haven't been able to put a baptismal date yet becuase they have a few things thay have to do in the catholic church. A friend of theirs is baptizing their baby  and asked them to be the "God-Parents." 
Also A came to church again. He is really trying to stop drinking coffee. He's been going strong for a week now! Only 2 more weeks left and on the 16th he is in the water!! :) 
The district is doing better. There are a few problems but we are in the proccess of resolving them. I'm more worried than ever because President set a goal that every companionship baptises this month! Well, 2 companionship's in the district don't have ANYONE lined up. They don't have any people progressing and I'm stressed out of my mind trying to figure out what is it that they need and how I can help them. But I will say they are getting better. We will see how the transfers turn out because next week are transfers. I'll probably be here another 6 weeks and then right before Christmas I'll go to my last area where I will probably be for the rest of my mission. Wierd to think that I'm almost 3/4 of the way done! I LOVE it here!!! Sorry mom but I kinda don't want to return home! Anyways, that has been my week! The church is true. I know it, I love it, and I'll never deny it!!!! 

Elder Dial

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