Thursday, May 14, 2015

Called to "SERVE" March 30th 2015

Congrats Whit and Eric!!! And also Feliz Cumpleaños Aubs, Nicolette and Fur!! Hope everyone had a great week this week. 
For me, this week has been a great week! We baptized Moises and Sandra on Sunday and they were very excited! They live in another little town that is in another state, not in Veracruz, but it still is part of our area. Where they live, there are ancient ruins from 1907! It's just an old house that is supposedly  haunted but we went at about 6 and didn't see or hear anything.

Plus I wasn't too worried because I'm a worthy Priesthood Holder. But anyways, Sandra and Moises were very excited and now we are preparing them to enter the temple in a year to be sealed. If the Lord permits it I would love to return and enter with them into the House of the Lord. In order to do that I need to find a job and save up to be able to return. 
Then today we gave service all day! I got a little more golden! First we went and painted chairs at a part member family's house. The dad of a recent convert bought a new dining table set and wanted help painting them so we volunteered.

Then we finished that at about 10 and headed to our Ward Mission Leader's house to help clean up his yard. It was covered in branches! He has 3 huge trees in front of his house and basically they cut all the branches off. We also washed his car because he gives us rides to visit a few of our investigators who live far away. Needless to say I'm beat. But tomorrow I will be able to recover because tomorrow we are going to Veracruz to have a conference with the other zone leaders and our Mission President and we won't get home until about 8-9 Pm. 
We almost had an electrical fire this past week.

Luckily my Eagle Scout fire protection merit badge jumped in and saved us. Hahaha. Our stake president's son knows electrical stuff so he came by and fixed the problem.
Also, last Tuesday we had a leadership reunion with all the district leaders of the zone and we talked about the new incentive  that the church is putting out. It's called "Because he Lives". It's like the incentive "he is the Gift" back in December but we are focusing on the Resurrection of Christ. There's another video that I encourage all to watch and to share it with a friend. It's a short but powerful 2.5 minute video. Watch it; Share it; Love it. 
I took Dad´s advice and have been reading Christ's last week in mortality in Elder James E. Talmage's "Jesus the Christ". I love that book! It's so good and explains so much. If you haven't read it I invite you to read it. Your faith and knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ will increase drastically. 
Another thing that will increase our faith is taking the opportunity to watch General Conference and listen to the Prophet's voice. I love conference because I receive personal revelation. With out personal revelation everyone would be lost. Personal revelation is what happens when we have the light bulb affect. When we have an "out of no where" solution pop into our minds which is the exact solution that resolves some of our biggest problems. I invite all who are reading this to take a few minutes and watch General conference. you can watch it live Saturday and Sunday at the following hours: 10 AM-12 PM and at 2 PM-4 PM. You can watch it live at
I know that this Christ's church. He is at the head of it. I know he speaks through a living Prophet and that Prophet is President Thomas S. Monson. I know God loves each and every one of his children and has prepared a way for them to return to him, through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I invite all to come unto Christ. I know he lives.

Elder Parker Freeman Dial 

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