Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's heating up in Mexico! April 20th, 2015

I don't know what to say at this point. It still hasn't fully hit me that I'll be home in 7 weeks. Well, it comes and goes. Mainly when I'm getting ready for bed. To be honest I'm a little nervous. The transition will be another 180. I just hope it's not as bad as the first culture shock that hit me my first few days here in Mexico. 
I have to congratulate Zach for following the call of the prophets. Long Beach will be blessed to have you. And the good news is that we have family close to Long Beach. Well, actually I don't know how close. All I know is that when we went to Carson's wedding In San Diego, we flew to the Long Beach airport. Who knows, but anyways, congrats man! 
So this week has! We are in the 100s almost everyday! Luckily I haven't been burned. We actually aren't out in the sun a lot because the people here have adapted the city to the climate and every house has a big tree to provide shade. It's still hot but I don't burn. 
Mondays we basically don't do anything. It's our P-day until 6pm and then we had District class  from 6-7:30. By the time we actually get done its 8 and we only have time to visit one person. 
Our mission president now wants us to focus more on visiting less active members and recent converts. And from them he wants us to receive references to fill up our teaching tank. We've had a lot of success with this actually.  
Patty is progressing very well and if everything goes according to plan, she'll be baptized this week. We also have Luis lined up but it will be more of a challenge with him. We also want to start working with his parents because they are really kind. Actually, his dad lived in Salt Lake for awhile and attend church for 9 months. Didn't get baptized but he liked the church, so we'll see where that leads us. 
I won a pizza this week! Last Wednesday or Thursday the US played Mexico in soccer and so there were a few over confident investigators and so I took the risk. I actually just wanted an excuse to eat pizza. Either way, win or lose, I'll eat pizza. The good news is that I wont have to pay. I was supposed to claim my victory Saturday but the guy that lost the bet crashed on his motorcycle and broke his leg. He's ok but the pizza will have to wait.
Yesterday we had a stake activity. I know, stake activity on a Sunday? But we watched Meet the Mormons. It was good because every person brought a non member friend. But I will say that my heart was moved yesterday. A little 7 year old girl came up to me with one of her member friends. Her friend had just been baptized. But this little 7 year old girl told me she wanted her mom to attend church with her. This 7 year old girl had been attending church with her friend every Sunday for a few months or even years. Time doesn't really matter. What matters is that a 7 year old attends church alone. I had to fight back tears as I listened to her. She doesn't live in my area so I can't do much. But I do know that God hears and answers his children's prayers. Especially the prayers of the children. I know God loves all his sons and daughters (each and every one of us). He lives. Christ is his son, the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I know they live. I testify with all the energy of my heart and soul.

Elder Dial

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