Friday, May 15, 2015

No I am NOT trunky! April 12, 2015

8 More weekly letters. No I'm not "trunky." I'm just saying that I only have 8 weeks left so people stop asking me when I'm coming home. It's hard to believe that 2 years have gone by so quickly. Friday I had divisions with Elder Pizarro (my "son") in my first area (Tres Valles). It was really cool because I got to see my converts and talk with them and also see a few members who are really good to the missionaries. I'll attach some pictures to this email. 
This week we also were able to find Fabiola. She is really good. We found her Saturday and invited her to church and she actually came the following day. We've only taught her once so we'll see how things go with her. 
Sunday is by far the most stressful day of the week. Mexicans are the worst at arriving on time! We arrive at 9:50 at the latest to wait for our investigators and greet them as they walk in but the majority of them don't get there until 10:30. We have to enter at about 10:10 so we can partake of the sacrament. But it´s still very stressfull having to wait for them to arrive. And while you're waiting, you're thinking about all you've taught them. If you taught them good enough so that they could understand the reason as to why they need to go to church and also thinking about all the things you've done that would help them feel the spirit and come to church to prepare for their baptism. But it is such a relief when they arrive. 
As we were waiting, Sandra and Moises arrived and it was so cool to see Moises arrive in a white shirt and tie. All the anxiety and stress is worth it. Every door slam, every bad word said, every rejection is worth it, and all the sweating is worth it. It reminds me of the scripture that says that there is more rejoicing in heaven for one soul that repents than there is for 99 just people that need no repentance. 
We also found a lady who sufferes from "Esquizofrenia". She was baptised under a "false" name. I say false because she says that when she was baptized, she couldn't remember her name and so she went by what all her neighbors called her. Well, log story short, that wasn't her name and now we are in a situation where we nor our president know what to do. Do we re-baptize her or just change the name on the church records. I fell like a detective trying to find the identity of a "jane doe".  
Well, that's about all the exciting things that have happened this past week here in Mexico. It gets so hot here that there are frequent black outs so that should make for a fun time.
I love Mexico and I love sharing the gospel. 

Elder Dial

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