Friday, May 15, 2015

Jedi Council April 6th 2015

I hope everyone got a chance to watch General Conference. It was amazing!! I loved it! It flew by! I'm a little sad because it was my last General Conference in the mission field. I received answers to many questions I had. It's amazing what a little fervent prayer and fasting can do for ya. I can't pick one talk as my favorite because I have many. I loved Elder Ballard's talk. It's as if he was talking directly to me. I also loved Elder Holland's and Elder Bednar's talks, along with President Uchtdorf and President Monson's talks. President Monson is getting frailer day by day. He looks like he's lost a lot of weight. I was reading that President Obama went to Utah and met with Church leaders but President Monson decided not to attend because he needed to reserve his energy for the conference. I love President Monson and I know he is a Prophet of God. 
This week leading up to General conference, we were EXTREMELY busy! Tuesday we were in Veracruz all day. We had what we call, "Jedi Council" because it's only a meeting with all the Zone Leaders of the mission and with President.
We talked about the 2015 Area plan for Mexico. It mainly talks about paying tithing and fast offerings. We are focusing more on these two commandments because the retention is of big concern not only here in Mexico but in all the world. And its a fact that some who pays their tithing and fast offerings will never go inactive.
We divided into North and South Zones. I can proudly say that I'm from the South side! Hahaha Also we talked about the success we've had this past month. We were able to baptize 24 in the entire Zone of Tierra Blanca.
The most in the entire mission. Also, President told us that we are normally the number one mission in all of Mexico so that shot us through the roof. We were the best zone in the best mission in Mexico.  Right now for the month of April, we will be lucky if we even reach our goal of 15. 
Wednesday we had zone class and basically talked about the same things we talked about in the Jedi Council. We didn't head out to work until after 3PM. We went with a few investigators that have a baptismal date for this week. It's the daughter and sister of a resent convert. They really like the Church and they LOVED conference. We still have a few things to teach them so we will see how it goes. 
Thursday we again only worked half day because we had our weekly planning. But we were able to visit Lalo (Jose Eduardo) He's a 13 year old who is reading the Book of Mormon and attending church. Only he couldn't come to conference because he left with his dad some where. 
Friday was the only day we actually worked in our area. We passed by everyone to remind them about conference. Not everyone went but those that went received a spiritual witness of the restoration and of a living Prophet.
Saturday after the first session, we had a little picnic with the ward and investigators. Only about 20 people came but it was a better turn out than I had thought. The idea came about because there are many, almost all members, who don't have cable so they have to watch it at the stake center. And in order to save money on gas/taxis, my companion and I decided to do something for the converts who live far away but would be attending conference and so that they would stay for the second session, we organized this little picnic in about 30 minutes and had members bring one thing. We brought sandwiches and another member brought Hot dogs, and another brought tamales. Needless to say, we had sufficient food. 
If you didn't have the chance to watch all the conference sessions I highly encourage you to go and watch them. Or at least read a talk a day. They were all great and my testimony has grown because of the wonderful inspired talks. I also hope that you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I know Christ lives. He paid the price for us. Because he lives, we will defeat the chains of death. He loves each and everyone of his children and he desires that we all may return to our Father in Heaven. He lives

Elder Dial

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