Sunday, May 31, 2015

May the 4th Be With You.... May 4th 2015

May the 4th be with you! Hahaha I couldn't resist. Well, the days have been counted and in 35 days I'll be back in the states. 5 weeks. It's a little hard to believe but I have to accept the fact.
Anyways, my new area is very small. It's about 10 by 12 blocks. The ward is great. It's very small but has a lot of potential. Elder Lewis is a great guy and very funny. He has a full ride to St Catherine college to play basketball. 
So this week we had a scare...well it's still not over. We were going to baptize yesterday. Yanothan passed his interview and everything but when we go to pick him up Sunday morning before church, he's not there. He went AWAL on us! Come to find out he was at his grandparent´s house and slept over there. We even asked him if he was going to do that and he told us no, that he would be in his house Sunday morning. Well, we have to talk to him very seriously this week so he can be baptized this Saturday. Also, we were expected to baptize Arturo on Sunday too but he also didn't show up. Well, actually we were going to baptize him Saturday but he couldn't on Saturday. What happened with him is that he is in a wheelchair because he was in a bad accident and was in a coma for about 9 months. When he woke-up from the coma, he said he saw my companion and that my companion said he (Arturo) had something more to do in this life. Well, he is going in for a very high risk surgery in these next couple weeks. We don't know when exactly so we received special permission from President to baptize him Saturday even though he doesn't have all his attendances. But he had family come into town. The good news is that if everything goes according to plan, we will baptize 2 this week. 
We also had Alfredo, Jose Manuel, Fatima, Jesus, and Mari attend church this week. Alfredo is a great guy. We are teaching his family and they are really great too, only they decided to sleep in this sunday and not attend. We have to get them married before they can be baptized.
Jose Manuel is another good guy whom we are teaching. He and his wife... but his wife wasn't able to attend yesterday. He arrived alone. We asked a few members to go and pick him up and bring him to church but the members failed but needless to say he came.
Fatima is a 15 year old girl who has attended many times before with her niece. Her cousin also just was baptized. She accepted a baptismal date with-in 15 minutes. We were talking and getting to know her when I felt that I should just ask her about her experiences in the church and to extend the invitation. Well she accepted and now we just have to check the commandments and everything and she'll be in the water on the 16th.
Jesus and Mari are a couple that we also have to get married. They came to church and are progressing very well. I'm just worried that marriage will be a stumbling block for the both. They have a son named Bryan that we are also teaching, so we will see how everything goes.
Today I had the wonderful opportunity to return to one of my old areas because it's in the same stake. I went to Buena Vista and saw a few of my converts and some of the members that always took very good care of me. It was such a joy to see them again. It reminded me of when Alma reunited with the somes of Mosiah. It was such a joyous experience and I'm hoping to go back once more before I return to the states to never again return :( I hope I can return, I may not be mexican but a part of me has been left in every one of my areas and with every person I have taught. I love these people and will never forget any of them. I've grown to love these people. The Gospel of Christ has changed my life forever. Being able to teach and live the Gospel has changed my heart. Like I said, I've left a piece of me here in Mexico. The Gospel is true and is thriving here in Mexico. When we forget about ourselves, we can truely learn to love. It is this kind of love that mends broken hearts, that changes lives, and makes complete strangers into the best of friends. I know Christ lives. It is his love that brings us peace and comfort. The church is true.

Elder Dial

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