Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My last transfer April 27, 2015

6 weeks, 1.5 months, 1 transfer, or however you want to say it, it's coming to a close. My last transfer, which means, transfer day! Yep, believe the unbelievable. Baseball Jr year has struck again! Or so I thought. But before I will get int the details, I have to tell you about my week. 
So it all started out Wednesday. Wednesday, I had splits with Elder Ortiz. He is a funny and great missionary. We had a lot of fun in spite of the 112' heat! 
Then on Thursday, my companion, Elder Ibarra, got sick! He couldn't leave the house because the heat would only make him worse. Luckily I went on divisions with a few ward members. So Thursday, Friday and Saturday I was without a companion. I now know what it feels like to eat alone. To be honest, I'm even more scared to return home because when I was with the ward members, it just wasn't the same and I felt completely alone. Obviously the member was with me and the Lord also but it was just really weird. 
Well, Saturday comes around and again splits. But when I get home, I return to a big surprise; transfers. At first I didn't believe it but then after a few minutes I knew my companion wasn't joking. I was shocked and frusterated because not only was I leaving the area but I was leaving as a Jr companion! Many questions raced through my mind. How could president do this? Why now? Why me? Why send me to a new area with a new companion for my last 6 weeks? Why when we're having success, change me? I felt like it was Jr year baseball all over again. I couldn't sleep at all Saturday night. I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to have to adjust and adapt to another area only to leave in a short 6 weeks. To me it didn't make any sense. Why, when I had been working so hard to reach my potential and be a good leader, would the Lord cut me down? It seems to be a pattern in my life. In football, a sport that I love and was probably my best sport, I had a sudden anxiety attach that hit me so hard that I couldn't play. In basketball, I wasn't the best but I had started 2 years in a row only to be benched my junior year by the same teammates who I had started over the previous 2 years. And in baseball, starting Varsity short stop and third base sophomore year only to have been degraded by my coaches and put on JV and then not play a single minute my senior year. Was this going to be a pattern for my entire life? All these thoughts crossed my mind. 
As I was pondering all this, two stories came to mind. One is a story by a general authority who cut down a bush so that it could grow bigger and better and he likened it to how the Lord some times cuts us down so we can really reach our potential. And the other story is of Alma the younger. Alma was the chief judge of all the land but seeing all the wickedness he decided to give up his judgement seat to preach the Gospel. In that moment it hit me. I wasn't being demoted,... I was given the opportunity to "give up my judgement seat." I realized that I'm suppose to teach and influence my new companion and help train him how to be a good leader. That's what president has asked of me and I guess that's what the Lord wants too. I am learning that the Lord's ways are not always my ways or ideas. He has a plan for me. He knows me individually and knows what I need to do to reach my full potential. It's not about me, it's about the Lords work and I will continue in any way he asks me.
My new companion is Elder Lewis from Utah. My first companion from the states. He's 6'5'' and loves basketball. He had many full ride scholarships to many good schools but he decided to serve a mission instead. He's a really great missionary. I knew him back when I was in Ojo de Agua. He was in my district so I'm very excited to be working with him. Also in my zone there are a lot of great missionaries. And also with this transfer the Lord answered my prayers and in my zone is Elder Moreyra! He was such a great companion and is a great friend and I'm super glad I'll get to see him before I head home. I also might get to see some of my converts from Buena Vista because I've returned to the same stake. My area is Unidad and the stake is Villa Rica. I hope to swing by and see a few of them before I return home.
But I didn't leave the area with out first baptizing! We baptized Patty. She is the sister of a recent convert (Norma). She was super excited and I was glad that I could be there when she was baptized. 
Saying goodbyes is always difficult but I know that I will return and see them again some day. If not in this life, in the life to come. I know this church is true and that God's ways are higher and always better than our own. I may not always understand why But I know that I will be blessed when I follow his will. I know Christ lives and that this is his church. 

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