Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This is were I live...This is what I Do!

So this week has been a crazy week for sure. Tuesday we had our last interview with President Treviño. It was a very spiritual experience. Then Wednesday we left early in the morning to go to the court house because my companion was being a witness for a marriage. Then Friday we had splits. I went to Orizaba, a city about an hour away from Cordoba, and got to work with our Zone Leader. It was a fun day. We were contacting and a lot of people didn't pay attention when we are talking so my Zone Leader would throw in a "so the Book of Mormon is true?" question and the person would usually respond "uh yea" or "Yes of course!" It was so funny. Also we contacted a guy who walked out with just his underwear on. We got talking and he asked what he needed to do to attend church. I quickly responded, "the only thing you need to do is arrive with pants." MY Zone leader got a kick out of that. Then Saturday I got to talk to all of you! and later we had a baptism and after we had a little celebration for all the mothers in the Ward. Sunday was a normal day with another baptism for us. Well, it's complicated. Yes we taught the guy and everything but technically he was out of our boundaries and our bishop threw a fit and told us that he as a bishop couldn't give him a calling and that he, C. our investigator, wouldn't progress. I was very upset!! He had been attending our Ward with his Girlfriend and they have plans on getting married. Clearly he doesn't know anybody else in the Ward he is suppose to go to because he has been attending our Ward for the past month and a half! I know I'm not a bishop but I hope to be able to understand this better someday.
Anyways that's about my week for ya. I'm sure glad I got to talk to ya. Love ya and have a great week!!!

Our chapel

The baptismal font

Our Apartment (My desk is on the right)

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