Monday, May 12, 2014

The Child of a Fireman

So this week has been pretty normal. Besides the fact that Wednesday through Saturday, it was cloudy and wet. It didn't rain though. It literally was a light mist all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were just cloudy and then Saturday it misted again. 
This week we have a couple baptisms lined up. A couple is going to get married Friday and then Saturday we are going to baptize them. This family is AMAZING!!! They have two kids who we baptized last week, but they are so fun and loving and I can't wait until they are all sealed in the temple. 
So I'm almost done reading the New Testament. I'm currently in Revelation 11 or 12, but it's very interesting. I have found so many great scriptures that I can refer back to. I just love the scriptures!!! 
So my companion completed one year on his mission on May 1st. So yes we burned his shirt! It was pretty funny. I also took the opportunity to burn my BSU clothes hamper that had broke. Don't worry, I was decked out in my BSU gear and gave it a proper burning. Well, After my companion burned his shirt and before I started my little ceremony, we put a cardboard box on the floor because my companion completely marked up the floor with his shirt so we didn't want to add to the problem. Well Long story short, we are cleaning up the mess and I go to lift up the cardboard that my companion had dumped water on. I go to make sure it was put out properly because it was still smoking quite a bit. Anyways, I lift up the cardboard a little and sure enough flames started creeping towards my hand at an alarmingly fast rate. So I walk back to the sink and fill a large water bottle with water and douce the fire. I may be in Mexico but I still love playing with fire and using the skills that Dad has taught me to put it out! Hahaha
Anyways nothing much left to say other than I'll call home this Saturday at about 12:45 Mexico Time. Love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Dial

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