Monday, May 12, 2014

Battle Orders

Well, first I want to start off by saying one of the newly called area 70, Carlos Walter Treviño, is my current mission president!!!!!!! I was shocked when they announced his name.
Second, it being after conference, we have heard the words of a living prophet and living apostles. That being said, I want to relate a story. It´s called "Battle Orders"  It goes as follows:
"Some years ago, during the Korean War, an army leader tried to act self-sufficient. As a platoon leader he received an order from his General that read, 'I am sending you and your men to a ridge located at the following map points. You are to arrive at the ridge at precisely 0200 hours and observe the enemy until 0210 hours.' That meant he´d have to just sit for ten minutes, looking at the enemy from this secret place high above them. He was directed to leave the ridge at exactly ten minutes after two.
He took his men to the ridge as told. He arrived on schedule at 0200 hours. He saw the enemy directly below, sound asleep, tanks dismounted, guns not even assembled. He thought, 'If we wait for ten minutes one of my men may make a sound, and the enemy could be alerted to full strength.' So, thinking the General had made an error, he sent his men down the hill to engage the enemy. When they reached the bottom at precisely 0202 hours, the air was filled with artillery shells from the allied guns many miles away--an all out attack.
Everyone died but the platoon leader. At 2010 hours the shelling stopped. At 0211 amid the stony silence, the platoon leader said but one thing; 'I didn't know what the General knew'"  -As told by SGT Steven Seideman, Uijongbu, Korea, Dec., 1995.

I love this story because it highlights the importance of obedience! We all received personal revelation and instruction but it is our choice to be obedient or not. I hope you learn from this story the importance of being obedient.

So on to my week. This week has been pretty slow. Except for Conference. That shot by! I love conference! Within the first day of conference, all but one of my questions were answered! Of my favorites were Elder Holland, of course, President Eyring and President Uchtdorf. I wasn't able to listen to President Monson speak sunday morning. In fact I didn't get to watch the last hour. It's a long frustrating story that has to do with the stake president here.
Like I said this week was pretty slow. Nothing real exciting happened. Oh I almost forgot! Friday we had an activity as a district to invite and remind everyone of General Conference.
So Friday morning we are making Agua de Jamaica in the house of a member. It's already starting to get hot so the front door was open. Well sure enough the Jehova Witnesses show up and shout through the door, "Good Morning." Oh were they surprised when I walked to the door! The look on the poor lady's face was priceless! She then nervously started to talk to me. She handed me a pamphlet that they had and explained it a little. She said it was about the resurrection and what it means for us. I then told her that we also had a pamphlet that we would like to give to her that talks about the same thing. She then told me that when I passed by here house she would be more than willing to accept it but right then and there no. I was going to ask for her address so we could pass by but I could tell she didn't want anything to do with us so I let her be. It's quite funny actually. They believe in the resurrection but they believe that God and Christ are spirits. The bible clearly states, when Christ appeared to his apostles, "handle me and see...for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have." 
Anyways, after they left we finished the water and headed to our designated spot. Our goal was to hand our free water and more than 250 little invitations to people. Well it started out slow but quickly picked up. I boarded 3 different buses handing out the invitations while others handed out the water to the passengers. It was pretty funny. I would get on and almost shout because it was so loud but I would explain who we were and what we were doing and hand them a card and the others were right behind me with the water. Well, by 2:00 we had run out of water and cards. It was a fun activity.
You want to know something sad? the members here don't attend Conference! Saturday AM session we had about 10-20 people. Saturday PM about 10 and by the Priesthood session there were about 7. Sunday morning was packed full! About 200-300 people! But Sunday PM dropped back down to about 30. How sad is that! Here we have a wonderful opportunity to listen to the Prophet of the Lord and they don't come. Oh we have a lot of work to do here in Mexico. It's easy to baptize. The hardest part is helping them endure to the end! But I love Mexico! It's a great place and the people are very kind. Love you all and have a fantastic week!

Elder Dial

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