Monday, May 12, 2014

Easter in Mexico

So I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter. Here we did nothing special. I loved getting all the pictures. So What's up with Eric's Beard? Did Carson heckle him enough or did he lose a bet or what? Hahahaha
So my new area is in Cordoba. It's a city about the size of Boise more or less. I haven't explored the entire city yet so I don't know exactly. I'm about 2 hours away from my last area. My new companion is Elder A. He is from Mexico..... a city near Mexico City. I don't remember nor if I did I couldn't spell it. Anyways he has 1 transfer more than I do. We are both senior companions. Right now he has the bigger role because he knows the area and the members. Oh we also don't have a chapel here. It's a "house of prayer". It's sad! Some how we fit 100 people in there. I'll send pictures next week. I have yet to take any. At least we have a place to meet. 
So more about the City. The weather here is almost exactly like Boise!! I love it!!!! It's in the mountains so it's not blazing hot all the time. Yes there are hot days but not like in Tres Valles or Veracruz. It rains here more so I'll probably need to buy a rain coat.
Our house has 2 stories. Well the second story is where the bathroom is. It's weird but oh well. At least we have a bathroom. Well we had....I clogged the toilet and can't get it unclogged. I literally tried everything!!! Even shoving my arm down the toilet to see if I could at least see what was clogging it but to no avail! I figured I'm in Mexico and I've seen a lot nastier things so I decided to go for it.Anyways, there's an interesting story for all y'all and some good notes for your book Carson! ;) 
 Also the rail road is directly in front of our house!!!! It can get annoying! Especially in the middle of the night when the train roars by blaring its horn!!!! Anyways, Still trying to get used to the area. Like I said I'm loving it here in Cordoba! The weather is perfect and the people are great. Love you all and remember that the worth of souls is great in the sight of God! So go out and RESCUE!!!!!!!!


Love Elder Dial

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