Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First P-Day

Hey Everyone,
   This past week has been a little overwhelming. On Friday my companion and I had to teach a fake investigator (a guy that pretends he isnt a member) in spanish! His name is fernando. It was a little wierd because we couldn't really understand him so we answered a lot of his questions with Si or bueno. We've gotten better. still dont understand him very well but we understand more and more each time we teach him. The language is coming along very nicely. Not as fast as I would like but I'm still learning tons. My companion and I decided to make a goal of learning 50 new words each week. It seems dificult but just yesterday our entire district learned about 25 new words just by asking our teacher what certain words meant. Our teacher is pretty awesome. She is super short though. She is very patient with us and encourages us to always ask questions and answer question in spanish. Although we only do that about 25% of the time.
   The AC is working! I don't know what happened but no one in my room messed with it except me and I was pretty sure I broke it. It hasnt been too hot here. Then again I'm in the classroom or in a building 95% of the time. the only time I'm not in a building is when I am walking to another building or go to the missionary field during gym time. P-day is pretty relaxing. This morning I did laundry and then had some personal time. After I had Personal Study time for an hour and then
i had to do some stuff on missionary portal. Lunch is usually at noon and then after we go to the Temple but I heard the temple is closed for 6 weeks because it is being cleaned. So if that's the case then I won't be able to go to the Temple until I get down to Mexico and that time will just turn into more personal time here at the MTC. After that we have a devotional at 7 and then devotional review at 8 and then planning session with my companion from 9 to 9:30.
   The food is pretty good. Nothing like Mom's homemade meals, but still good. My Companion is from Rock Springs Wyoming. If I remember correctly I had a baseball tournament there two summers ago. During gym time I either play basketball or 4 square in the gym and when I go to the field I'll play volleyball. And Dad I'll get a hair cut soon. It's getting kinda long. For the 4th we are having a special devotional at I think 7 and then I think they said we were going to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks show somewhere but I can't remember. I'll let you know what happens.  Miss you all tons and I will write you soon.
Elder Dial

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