Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do you think it's broken?

So this past week has been pretty crazy. Last Tuesday my companion and I added another companion into our group. His name is Elder V. He is 19 and from Alabama so his favorite team is Alabama. Gross! Anyways he is a really cool guy. The reason why he was added to our companionship is because he had to get surgery on his elbow and his district left to go into their missions. He is going to Monterrey, Mexico. The reason for his surgery was because he needed to get the screws and plate removed. He broke it a while ago so it was just a follow up surgery. So that's what I did yesterday morning. This morning I was waiting in the waiting room all morning waiting for Elder S to figure out what he did to his pinkie finger. Yesterday while Elder V and I were gone, Elder S was playing basketball and hurt his finger really bad. It was really swollen and black and blue. So I went all EMT on him and wrapped his pinkie to minimize movement until a doctor could actually see him. Well turns out he fractured his finger. So tomorrow Elder V is going to take him to the doctor off campus to see what the treatment is going to be. That way I can stay in class and learn! Our room has become the sick ward! The running joke, and I hope it stays a joke, is now I'm going to break my shoulder/collar bone because the other Elders in my room broke an elbow and pinkie/hand. Like I said, I hope it stays a joke!
I'm glad to hear everyone is doing OK! I'm glad Carson, Carly, Aubry, and Jeff made it home safely. Sounds like they all had a blast! I got all the pictures you sent me. I don't know what to do with them all because I don't think I can print them off. But I loved all of them! and especially the video of Ethan in the swing. Hilarious!
I got a hair cut today! I is exactly how I like it! The guy who did it didn't even use scissors, well, except for the bangs but it was impressive. All he asked me was "short on the side and a little off the top?" I said sounds good not knowing how short "short on the sides was" was and how much a little of the top was. But i turned out pretty fantastic. I'll try and send some more pictures. Elder C. Spjute says Hi. I see him a lot because he has his meals about 10 minutes before we have ours, so I can usually spot him if I look for him.
So we found out that we are the last district in our zone. our zone is being discontinued because they are now sending all the Spanish speakers, stateside and foreign, to the Mexico MTC or the other South American MTCs. They will still have a zone/branch 1 but it wont be Spanish speaking. Plus our Branch President is going to I think Costa Rica or some place like that to be in the Temple presidency there.
This past week we've learned alot about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it in the conversion process. It was super cool. It made me love the Book of Mormon even more! I love reading it, especially in Spanish because it makes me focus harder so I can understand what I'm reading. If anyone isn't reading it, I would highly recommend it. It is the most correct book in all the world and the blessings one receives from reading it are too great and too numerous to deny! It truly is another testament of Jesus Christ.
I had a couple other neat experiences. Last week I had the opportunity to give Elder S. a blessing of comfort. He was feeling a little home sick so he asked and I was more than happy to give him one. I was also able to assist Elder S in giving Elder V a blessing before his surgery. They were very powerful blessings and the spirit that was present reminded me that I want to be able to bless my family in the future and in order to do that I have to be worthy of the Priesthood. It still amazes me that God has given us his own power here on the Earth. As imperfect as we all are, he still trusts us. Which is even further evidence that God loves all his children and wants the best for all.
Mom, I don't know what else you want to know about my companion. I've already told you where he comes from, about his family, and his age. haha let me know and I'll try and dig a little deeper. Oh and I would love some home made jam if Grandma or you have any.
Dad, Yes we sing our hymns in Spanish and I'm starting to pray more and more in Spanish too. No we don't get to leave the MTC to go to the mall, but we did leave it today to go get and x-ray of Elder S finger. Sundays we usually have priesthood in the morning then sacrament at like 3 in the afternoon. Priesthood meetings are usually out of the Preach my Gospel booklet.
So I met with a member of the Branch presidency just so he could check up on things and see how everything is going. He said I was one of the top to be chosen to be a district leader in both cases. we switch district leaders every 3 weeks. Anyways he said I don't know why you weren't chosen but I like to think it's the Lord's way of saying "thanks. Thank you for being prepared." That was really cool. Then i read my Patriarchal blessing and It helped me remember of all the important things the Lord has planned for me.
Well I'm out of time. In fact a little over. Love you all and I love getting your letters.
Love, Elder Dial
p.s. Go Broncos! I'm excited for Football season to start!

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