Sunday, July 14, 2013

We Have Pictures!!

  Elder Dial sent home one of his camera cards in his last letter. He went to buy a card reader at the bookstore but they were all out so sending it home was the next fastest way to get us a look into his life at the MTC. Only problem with that is they come with no explanation of who is who so the following is just our best guess of the people in the photos with him. In his letter he did mention that he saw and talked to Elder C. Spjute. It really made his day!There just must be a great deal of comfort knowing one of your best friends is close by experiencing some of the same things you are at the very same time! Maybe they will even get a game of basketball in together during their exercise time. Next he will be keeping his eye out for Elder T. Hobson!
                                                                        His Companion
                                                                    The District Elders

                      The Temple is closed for cleaning so they wont have the opportunity to go inside.

                                               The Whole District (more Sisters than Elders!)

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