Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

Lets not compare the amount of food between these two friends.
 I am sure Elder Spjute put a couple of his empty milks on Elder Dial's tray!

                                                    Can you pick out the instructor?
                                                            Did you guess this guy?
                                      Elder Dial's companion's are the two that are injured.

                                                                    Couldn't resist!

                                    Doesn't every missionary have a picture at the MTC like this?

                                                   This one is for the Sasser's and Fur!

So yesterday I went to get my Visa in Vegas. We left at about 6 AM but our flight didn't leave until about 8:30 so we were there a couple hours early. Once we arrived in Vegas, the first thing you see as you walk off the plane are slot machines. And their airport, its actually a mall! So many stores there! After that Elder G picked us up and took us to the UNLV institute building to hang out until it was time to go get our Visas. Don't worry I was wearing my BSU tie and whistled/sang the BSU fight song as often as I could. It was just Elder K and I from our district but we had a group of 8 others with us. Anyways, when at the consulate some security guard talked to us for about 45 minutes about himself and Mexico. It was cool but weird at the same time. After we left the consulate,( it only took us about 2 minutes to sign our visa) the guy kept talking to us. Finally we went back to the institute building and Elder G talked to us about the Bible for about 2 hours. Then we left for the airport. It took us forever to get our boarding passes. Four of us got ours, me being one of them, but the other 6 couldn't figure it out so we waited in line for about 30-45 more minutes. Finally some one calls church travel and gets the rest of the boarding passes except one. So they (Elder G and the missionary) went and waited in line while the rest of us  went to catch the plane. To get to our plane we had to go on like a subway train! It was pretty cool. Don't worry everyone made it on the plane. It was funny because as we were walking some lady said "y'all need to praise Jesus!! Y'all are mislead!" I got a chuckle out of that. Anyways we weren't able to give out any Books of Mormon because the church wouldn't let us! weird right?! Well it's because of the separation of church and state because the airport is a government building.We got a lot of support from random people who walked up to us just to say thanks, good luck, God bless, and we're praying for you. It was way cool! It was a great experience in Vegas though! I now know what it means to be in the world but not of the world!
   I got to see Cody one last time before he left which was cool. I hope I can be a host when Tyler comes next week. One of our teachers left for Mexico City MTC on Monday so we are suppose to get a new teacher sometime but I don't know who or when. I hope all is well with everyone!  Oh that reminds me, I also ran into a couple of KSL sports reporters who just got out of a MTN West conference meeting with all the coaches! They said BSU is ranked #1, no big surprise there, but they picked BYU to beat BSU this year! I was shocked! Yea last year was a close game but come on!! I'm excited for football season but hopefully nothing too exciting will happen while I'm out like what happened with Carson and the Fiesta Bowl while he was out.... then again, that would mean BSU would win a huge bowl game so maybe they should do something exciting and big while I'm gone! Go Broncos!

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