Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Idaho "Cow" Boy

Elder Dial has been great to write letters to his mom and dad. Most are very short but it is always great to hear about everything he is experiencing. In one of his letters he told us that there is a stuffed cow that gets passed around the MTC. It is handed down from one Idaho Elder to another. You sign your name on it and pass it on to the next Idaho Elder you meet. He felt privileged to sign "Elder Parker Dial" to that ol cowhide! He has had many ups and just as many downs these past 2 weeks it sounds like he is right on track! He is thankful for all the letters from his family and friends so keep them coming.
Here is his latest email:

So that 777 that crashed in San Fran, my branch president here at the MTC was on that plane. Not when it crashed obviously but it was flying onto to Cali out of Salt Lake and my Branch President got off in Salt Lake. Pretty scary. Anyways my week has been busy, as most of the weeks here at the MTC. The 4th was alright. not the best ....but it sounds like it was better than the one in Boise. We got to watch "17 Miracles" and then go watch the Stadium of Fire but because of all the trees, we couldn't really see much. I found an opening in the trees and was able to see about half the stadium. It will be my last 4th of July until I get back! Maybe in Mexico I can have a little fiesta with my companion depending on where he is from.

Sorry no pictures yet. I need a card reader to put them on the computer and the store was all out. And I've only taken about 5-7 pictures total. I'll try and send home the card because I have another one.
So we got another investigator this week. It was so awesome! My companion and I finally decided to go in unscripted and it was 1000x better!! The spirit was so strong and we may have been stumbling over words but that didn't matter! It didn't occure to me that by writing out what we were going to say meant that I wasn't putting all of my trust in the Lord! But for every good time there is always a bad time and mine was yesterday. I was great until dinner. after dinner it was like I had never even heard the language before! I couldn't understand anything and I couldn't speak any Spanish either! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. It amazes me how much I've learned though! I've learned more in 2 weeks than I did in an entire year of Spanish class!! Our teacher came in and told us the IOS7 was coming out and I got thinking, The world could be at war right now and I wouldn't have a clue! haha I guess thats how it is suppose to be though. We are litterally to be in the world but not of the world! Thanks for all your prayers! I can truely feel every single one! Love you so much!!
Love, Elder Dial

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