Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Responsibilities Aug.18th 2014

Well, a lot of emotions this week. Basically all of them!!! Excitement, nervous, happy, sad, thrilled, stressed, you name it. But all in all it was a very good week. A lot of cool experiences. 
One experience I had this week was again with the law of the fast. If you remember, 2 weeks ago I mentioned that we fasted for our investigators, that they could attend church. Well, that week we had 8 show up. The following week, we got a little prideful and decided not to fast. Well last week we only had 3 show up. So this week we decided to try fasting again, and once again, the Lord blessed us. We had 8 investigators attend church yesterday (Sunday). Just reminds me to beware of pride!
Another cool experience happened Wednesday. Wednesday, a sister took us to KFC to eat!!! It was very good!! But that's only part of the coolness of this experience. While we were there we ran into a Mom and daughter who had just moved back to Mexico from Washington. They spoke to me in English and I would try to respond to them in English. I say try because its very difficult for me to speak English. It's not that I'm forgetting, although that has a little to do with it, it's more that it isn't natural. I've been speaking pure Spanish for over a year and when I hear English I can understand it but it's more natural to speak in Spanish. Hahaha only on a mission in Mexico would that be considered a cool experience. I have no clue what I'm going to do to communicate when I get home!
Then on Saturday, my companion and I were walking and we run into an American guy. He's on the other side of the street and he shouts out "Dude, are you Mormon?" I said yes and then he  asked "Have you begun to doubt your faith yet?" I was shocked at the question but quickly, with out missing a beat, I replied, "No, and I never will!" He was shocked and then said I should join the CIA for my commitment. We had a little conversation with him but it wasn't going anywhere so we left and my companion and I had a good laugh about it afterwards.
Well, to wrap up the week, my companion and I received an interesting phone call from President Cordova. I should mention that this week we have transfers. Basically the phone call was to inform us of our new callings. Hence the feelings of being nervous and excited at the same time. Well, have been called to serve as District Leader and my companion is going to train a new greenie! Yes, I'm a grandfather!!! HAhahaha But the cool thing is, is that I stay in the same Zone. I just switch wards. My new ward is the Ojo de Agua ward. Translation: Eye of water or if you want it to actually make sense it would be the Water eye ward. So I'll still be enjoying the nice cool climate of Cordoba for at least 4.5 more months. Oh and my companion is Elder M. He is from Argentina!!!! He is fairly new. From the same generation as Elder G. so it will be a little challenging but the Lord qualifies whom he calls.
And to top off the week, we had a baptism!!!!!! This week was a great week and I've loved my time here but am ready for a new adventure. Love you all and have a great week!!!

Elder Dial

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