Friday, September 19, 2014

Independence Day, Baptism's and Spiders! Sept. 15th, 2014

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes today is el Día de Independencia here in Mexico!!! 
Short story, I saw a guy wearing a BSU sweatshirt today!!!! I asked if i could take a picture with him but he said no and ran away :( But yes there are BSU fans here in Mexico that aren't Americans!!!
So this past week has been was very difficult for a few reasons. One in particular but it turned out to be a fantastic week. It was difficult because we had two sisters who were all prepared for baptism. We visited them Tuesday. They are underage (15 and 17) and so we had to have one of their parents sign the "baptismal consent form." To be honest I have no clue what its called in English. But their dad wouldn't give us permission. We ended up fasting a praying a ton so that these girls could be baptized on the 14th. We passed by Wednesday, nothing. Thursday, nothing. Friday, Success!!!!!! We were able to talk with their mom and their mom gave them permission. But we have another speed bump in the way. One of them, was having second thoughts.  We program their baptismal interviews none-the-less hoping that our Zone Leaders could help her. Well, they both passed their interviews. But still, N, was uncertain. We told her to pray about it and we would call her in the evening to see what she wanted to do. Well, she accepted and we were able to baptize them both. The Lord really does answer the prayers of the faithful. 
We also found a few really good investigators. Its a family. The mom, and two sons. A. is 17 years old and A. is 15. They are a really great family. They invited us to eat with them today! They haven't even attended church and A. told us that he wants to serve a mission like us. They couldn't attend church because they went to play soccer. But they told us that they are going to change teams and leagues to a league that plays Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so they can have Sunday free to attend church. I was stunned and am very excited for them. Like I said, they haven't even attend a church service and they are already talking about how great it would be to serve a mission. A told us he went to play soccer at the church last Tuesday. Side note: Every Tuesday the Elders quorum  and whoever else goes and plays soccer at the church. And so A. told us that when he entered he just felt calm and at peace. Even his Mom, told us today that she always feels different when we come and teach and visit. She feels at peace also. What she and A. really feel, is the Holy Ghost!!!!!! The cool thing is, that we as members of the True Church, have the Gift of the Holy Ghost. That means, where ever we go, we have the privilege of his presence. What's even cooler, those not of our faith can feel the difference. When we enter a house, and when we leave. They feel the Holy Ghost but they just don't recognize it. That's where we come in and explain that what they were feeling was the Holy Ghost testifying of the truthfulness of the Gospel. 
Anyways, that about sums up my week. The sister missionaries are progressing and it's actually pretty fun to be able to see and be a part of their progress as missionaries and members. Thanks for all your prayers in my behalf! I love every single one of you! Have a great week and Go BSU!!!!!!!

Elder Dial

P.S. The pictures are pictures of the baptism, and of the giant spiders here. The black dots in the sky are spiders. They are huge and they live as a family so you literally walk by or under anywhere from 50-100 or more!

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