Saturday, August 16, 2014

Don't let a problem to be solved, become more important than a person to be loved. 8/11/2014

This week has been a pretty good week. I want to share a quote that I heard from President Thomas S Monson. He said, "Don't let a problem to be solved, become more important than a person to be loved." I just thought I would share that with you because I really liked it. Anyways, this week went flying by!!! Where does the time go!!! I feel like i just wrote you yesterday!
So last week we baptized V. He is 76 years old. As we were visiting with him after his baptism, he said something to me that struck the soul. He told me "I just wanted you to show me the way, and now I know where I'm going." I was brought to the point of tears. That is why I'm here! To help show the people of Mexico the path to eternal happiness. Not to take them by the hand and lead them down the path, but to show them the path. I really love that man. He has a lot of qualities of both Grandpa Dial and Grandpa Freeman. I guess that's why I love visiting with him and teaching him.
So I played basketball for the first time in a year!! Lets just say i was a little more than rusty but I was able to polish off a little. I really do miss that sport. I also miss baseball and watching Football. I'm excited for BSU to start up in these next couple weeks. Obviously I wont be able to watch them but I'll be more than grateful for all the updates from you guys.
Also, I found a new favorite scripture! I guess I can't really say that I have a favorite because I love all the scriptures. Haha Its cool because in my patriarchal blessing it says that I'll have a love for the scriptures. I know that that prophecy has been fulfilled. Anyways, I was reading the Book of Mormon in Alma chapter 37:38-47. In these verses, it talks about the Liahona that guided Lehi and his family in the wilderness. Then Alma makes the comparison to the Word of God. Just like how the Liahona lead Lehi and his family to the promised land, the Words or Gosple of Christ, are going to guide us to the land of promise or the Celestial Kingdom. I have read that chapter about 10+ times but I never had understood that chapter or never remembered it. I got thinking about our spiritual Liahonas that we have like the scriptures and prayer and fasting and church attendance. It's really funny how sometimes we gloss over these essential road signs that lead to our eternal happiness. Dad, you told me about Brent and how he didn't see or didn't head the road sign and ended up riding an extra 6 miles. Well, allow me to make a quick analogy. How many times do we ignore the spirtual road signs that the lord has placed in front of us? Or how often do we not pay attention to the Liahona that will lead us to our ultimate destination? When we ignore these road signs we end up wavering from the straight and narrow path and in order to return to the straight and narrow path we must ride an extra 6 miles, sometimes more. And like Brent, we wont be very happy to have to return. In fact, some are so angry that they find it easier to continue down the wrong path instead of returning the few little miles and soon they've traveld 10, 20, 50, 100 miles down what Lehi calls, "the Forbiden path" And then it's even harder to return. Its a lot easier to return 6 miles than 50. Just because we've taken one step down the wrong path doesn't mean we have to take 2. That's something I've learned in my time here in Mexico. We have a few investigators right now who aren't heading these warnings and the problems keep piling up. It's sad really to see. We keep telling them that if they go to church and read and pray, God will help them in their problems. God will show you these road signs, but they don't want to hear it. They keep tellins us, "God first" But then when the time comes for them to act, they don't do anything. It's a little frusterating, but if they don't want to pay attention, they have their agency. But on the brighter side, we have many who are heeding these road signs and are on the path to return. Just like V said, we as missionaries show people the path and how to read the road signs. It's their responsibility to act according to these warnings. 
We´ve had a struggle this week with the members. They don't want to work with us or give us their support. We call and call them, but nothing. The work would go a lot better if we had the support of the members. We have a little support but not as mush as we would like. We have the ability to baptize 16 as a ward (Realize that there are 2 sets of missionaries in the ward). but unless we have the support of the ward, we will be lucky to baptize half that. Anyways, the work is moving forward here in Mexico. As a mission this month 80 people have made the choice to follow Christ and be baptized. Hope all is well. Good luck in everything and tell everyone hi for me. Love you all.
Elder Dial

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