Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Humbled 7/14/2014

Oh my this week wasn't a very good week. Again we only had one investigador attend church. It's very frustrating when you are trying to do everything and still nothing is working. We call them Saturday and Sunday and we even pass by their houses to try and bring them to church, but everybody has an excuse. I don't know if I'm just ungreatful or prideful but we should be having more success than this. I should just be happy with the success that we are having but its difficult when you think you're improving and becoming a better missionary, only to be disappointed.
Nothing really exciting happened this week. I went to Veracruz Friday morning to sign my visa and get all that stuff squared away. 
We had to leave behind a few of our investigadors because they weren't attending church. They had a ton of questions and doubts and all of them had a common thread; The Book of Mormon. Obviously they hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon so I tried to encourage them by telling them that they wouldn't have these doubts if they would just continue to read it. I then showed how the book of Mormon and the Bible support one another. That's probably the hardest thing about a mission; When your investigators don't complete their commitments. Now I know how Dad always felt when he asked me to load the dish washer and I wouldn't do it. 
Anyways this week we have to double the effort even more so we can find new people to teach.

 Love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Dial

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