Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why am I here? 7/21/2014

So this week was better. We had 3 investigators attend church. It was a pretty good feeling. Lately we have been so wrapped up in the numbers that I've forgotten the real reason I am here. Our previous president was super focused on baptizing every weeks and I got it stuck in my head and that became our focus. Well, now, I'm having a hard time to get it out of my head. I'm not saying that we shouldn't have it as a goal to always try and baptize but it shouldn't be our main focus.  Our primary focus now are converts. We want people to be converted to the Gospel and not only baptized. We as missionaries want converts not baptisms, if that makes sense. Converts will remain faithful forever. Baptisms will eventually fall away and "be lost." Like in Lehi´s dream, he dreamed 3 groups of people. The first group of people were lost in the mist of darkness. The second group of people made it to the tree of life and partook of the fruit but they "cast their eyes about, and were ashamed, and fell away and were lost." Those are the people who are only baptized. True converts are those who Lehi describes as those who "held fast to the rod until they had partaken of the fruit, and were not ashamed." Converts are more than just a baptismal statistic. 

 We had a conference with our new mission president and we got to know is family. He has 2 children,  9 and 10 years old..... A Boy and girl. He is from Aguascalientes. Translation: Hot waters. Don't know where they get these names from but he is a pretty cool president so far. His wife is actually from Tierra Blance, translation: White Land. Well, she was born there but a few months after she was born her family moved to Aguascalientes. So there's a little about my new President. Hope all is well. Love you all and have a great week!!!

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