Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Birthday's and Boxers

 Happy birthday to Terri Freeman, Jim Lothspeich, mom, Jeff, Jay Dial, Sydney Chapman, Sofia Broadbent, and Corbyn Coltrin. You all have been a huge influence in my life. Thank you!
Ok, well this past week was pretty good. But we continue to find new people to teach and we found a couple of "Chosen" investigators. They're "chosen" because they are completing all of their commitments. They started reading the Book of Mormon and are sharing verses from the Book of Mormon over Facebook and also Mormon Messages. They are awesome and I'm excited to see their progress. 
So the picture is of me and my new "sombrero".

I had to get in the Trek Mood. I will never forget the trek I went on! I will always remember that we can do hard things!! and it is "just another mile or so". 

I also found a Boxer and his name is Dukie. He is scared of almost everything! We took the camera out and he started backing away. It took a little bit to convince him that the camera wasn't going to do anything to him.
Oh, we also filled a baptismal font by bucket. The other Elders in our ward had a baptism but they hadn't filled the font  and so we formed a "bucket brigade" and we got it filled in about 40 minutes. It reminded me of what people did before they had a fire department. 
And the World Cup continues. In the middle of their town square they have a big screen set up to watch Mexico play. Well every time Mexico is close to score we can hear the shouts and gasps when they do or do not score. It's pretty funny how involved they are in soccer.
Anyways, have a great week!! Love you all. 

Elder Dial

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