Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Kick Is Up.....

So this week was alright. Almost had a heart attack yesterday! It was one of those "close but no cigar" moments. you know, like when BSU missed the game winning field goal against Nevada (Sorry to bring that up) But la verdad fue muy difĂ­cil. We didn't have a baptism set up for yesterday so all last week my companion and I were working our butts off to find PF's (part member families) who we could teach and baptize along with finding new people to teach. Well,we had nothing. Down by 1 with no time on the clock! It was after church and a girl who has attended church millions of times before, came up to us and told us she had her moms permission to be baptized. The kick is up and in the air! We immediately had our district leader interview her. She passed!!!! We go to have her mom sign the paper and the kick is no good! The mom refuses to give us permission. She said it was because her dad, the grandpa of the girl that we were going to baptize, was against the church and she (the mom) was scared that her dad would kick her out of the house.  Talk about rough, but needless to say it was a missed field goal moment. Anyways that just means that we will baptize hopefully 2 people this week!

It's getting hotter here as the sun is coming out and is getting stronger day by day! Yes I do have sun screen but I don't know how much it helps because I'm pretty sure I sweat it off 10 minutes after I apply it. Anyways I will say I do miss my Oakleys a ton right now!!! Having to squint all the time can give you a head ache. But people are more willing to let you in if you look like your going to die of heat exhaustion! This week we found a lot of new people to teach so we will be busy this week. This week I've noticed that I'm getting fatter! It's hard when you only have 30 minutes to work out. But I'm amping it up a notch. Plus I'll be sweating my brains out here pretty soon so that should help me drop a couple of the LBs. We still don't have AC so it's hard to sleep at night. We have 2 fans that help but they only can do so much. And right after I shower I'm already sweating!  None-the-less, we manage. Oh the life of a missionary! I love it!!! Wouldn't trade it for anything!!! Love you all!! Hope you have a great spring break! Be safe and have fun!!

Elder Dial

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