Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thanks for the Heart Attack

"Follow through: Stopping at third base adds no more to the score than striking out." Alexander Animator

I like this quote because it refers to baseball.
So this week was a pretty quick week. This past week we had a special conference with President Treviño again talking about how we need to be working with the members. It was pretty cool but to be honest, I'm tired of hearing it. I want it to happen. I want to go out and do it. It's one thing to talk about something but its another to actually go and do it. So lets stop talking about it and go and do it.
We also had a baptism yesterday. It was great.

Something I can't wait to be doing every week. President had a special meeting with Elder Oaks and our Area president and our area president over ALL of Mexico asked him by what month he thinks his mission will be baptizing every week. Well President Trevino prayed about it that night and had his answer the next day. APRIL!! I'm super excited. I don't know why we aren't baptizing every week already. We have the promise of President Treviño and Elder Johnson and other church leaders.
Thanks for the Valentines package. Thank you everyone who participated in the Heart Attack. Love you all. 
So one thing we are trying to do is teach more clearly that God is our loving Heavenly Father. As I was studying this topic I got to thinking. What does that actually mean? Well we were created in His image. So we have a body like Him. That means he is a physical person who we can physically run to when we need him. Think about it for a minute. He has a body, He is our father, and He loves us more than our earthly parents. Can you imagine? He is as real as me and you. But many people don't know and don't believe it. I encourage you to study this topic. It is awesome to realize.
Love you all and have a great week.

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