Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 24th

"Pray as if everything depended on God and then Work as if everything depended on you." -Francis Cardinal Spellman

I love this quote because it really put an emphasis on working! Especial in hastening the Lord's work. I hope ALL of you are helping build the kingdom of God.
So this week was pretty good. Despite the fact that our baptism didn't work out. She didn't pass her interview because she went and smoked the night before, AFTER we had taught her that night. We left and a friend arrived and convinced her to smoke. "Oh that cunning plan of the Evil one. Oh the vainness and the frailities and the foolishness of men." Anyways we are working with her to keep the Word of Wisdom.
So other than that it was a pretty cool week. Last Tuesday we had zone class. After, we hailed a cab to take us back to our area. Only about a 20 minutes ride but about 45 walking. So anyways, the cab we got in was one you would call, "un holy". The driver had tattoos, was smoking, and had his ears pierced. Needless to say I was not anxious to talk to this guy about the Gospel  Well After about 5 minutes in silence a thought came to me. I know it was the Holy Ghost. The thought was to talk to the guy. After fighting with this thought for about 2 minutes I finally listened to it.Turns out the guy had lived in LA for a couple years and the missionaries taught him up there. After recalling what he remembered, I taught him about the Book of Mormon. He accepted another visit but he doesn't live in our area. So I had to pass the directions to the other elders. Needless to say, we are all sons and daughters of God. He is our Father. We have to be careful not to judge people.
Another cool experience happened yesterday. We brought some investigators to church and then I went up to play the piano. Well I'm horrible at the piano and only can play with the right hand. I was playing and I was playing really bad for a number of reasons that I will explain in a later letter if I remember. Anyways, the investigators came up to us and we started talking and asking them how they like church and all that jazz when one of them, an older lady, got really excited and started talking about the music. Naturally my ears perked up a bit and I got a little nervous of what she was going to say. But what she said brought me to the verge of tears. She said she could see Angles singing and playing. And that the music sounded beautiful. There I was sitting and sulking about how bad I had played when this lady reminded me that I'm not the only one playing. It reminded me that there are always angles watching over us and helping us everyday of our lives and in unexpected ways.
Well I want to end this letter with a very very feliz cumpli años a mi papá (Steven Eugene Dial) and Hershall (Walker Texas Ranger). Love you both! Have a great week and know the Lord is always with you.

Elder Dial

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