Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St Patrick´s day! You would think with all the Catholics here, they would celebrate the day of a saint, but I haven't heard anything. To be honest, I forgot it was St. Patrick´s Day.
So this week was pretty difficult. Yesterday I was a little over stressed. We went to pick up our investigator and well, only one ended up attending church. Then our members who we baptized last week didn't show up, so my companion and I hailed a cab and went and got them. We were lucky to get there in time for the last speaker and then they said I was to give the closing prayer. Well after walking up to the Bishop and telling him we have to confirm our two new members, the Bishop and his counselor confirmed them. The Bishop did a wonderful job but his counselor. Oh My! It was like he had never done it. Actually, I honestly think it was his first time. So that only added to my stress. That and our District Leader is breathing down our necks about baptizing this Sunday. We don't have any one lined up because no one attended church. So this week we are praying for a miracle. I know we can do it but I feel like if we focus on baptizing this week, it will be hard to focus on finding new people to teach and baptize in April. And our President told us that we can't miss a week! (talking about baptizing every week)  Oh the joys and pressures of missionary work. But I LOVE it. There isn't anything more joyous than watching a family enter the waters of baptism and eventually enter the temple to be sealed for time and for eternity. Other than that, nothing real exciting has happened this week. I hope and pray that this week is better and that we can continue to find and prepare people to teach. Love you all and pray for you all EVERYDAY!!! Hope you have been involved in the missionary work also. 

Elder Dial

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