Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We lost an Elder....March 16th 2015

¿Que tal? Estoy muy bien aquí en México! Solo me falta como 12 semanas :/ 
Well, the rain has kept everything fairly cool here. Well, cool as in not so humid but still pretty hot. It rained yesterday and nobody came to church. We were averaging about 140 each week but we dropped to 97 this past Sunday. I was very disappointed. It made me think a lot about the pioneers and how they suffered so much more than a little rain but they had faith in every footstep. A lot of the members don't have cars so they walk which means they would be walking in the rain. 
On a better note, transfers were today and I'll be staying here in Tierra Blanca for another transfer (6 weeks). Haha funny story, we lost an Elder today. There is a zone bordering ours and in order to get there one has to pass through Tierra Blanca. So in order to make things easier, we called one of the Zone leaders from this zone who was traveling with the other missionaries to make sure that a certain elder gets off at the right spot. Well, this Zone leader didn't follow directions and this Elder got off at the wrong spot. We were looking for him for a good 2 hours. Luckily there was a member who worked at the Bus station and knew he had gotten off at the wrong spot and so this member helped him and got him here safely. 
Other news this week is that a few of our investigators are really progressing. M and S are really great. They live about 30 minutes outside the city but a member usually takes us there. They are reading and praying and attending church. It's super fun to teach them.
Also we are teaching a few teens. One of wich fell at school and cracked his forehead open. We still don't know what his condition is but we will go see him tomorrow.
This week I had splits with Elder Hoffman. He's a great missionary and is really good at basketball. Every day for our exercise we run to a public park and shoot hoops for a while. It's pretty fun. Although all we every play is lightning. We aren't allowed to play 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 so we just stick with he basics of lightning.
Saturday we went and helped a member make tortillas with his tortilla making machine. It was pretty easy but it got super hot in that little room. Later that day they took us out for tacos and my were they good. They were "Gringas" which are tacos al Pastor with cheese and cilantro and onion and you put a wonderful salsa that spices things up a bit! I think I'm ready for the buffalo wing challenge that Carson and Jeff have every year at Christmas.
this next month we will be starting another program called "Gracias a que Él vive!" (Because He lives). It focuses on the resurrection. With April coming fast I encourage everyone to study a little bit more about Christ and his Atonement porque gracias a que Él vive, nosotros también viviremos. Se que Él vive. Las familias pueden ser eternas. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.

Elder Dial

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