Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Be-lated Valentines Day Feb. 16th 2015

First off, Happy (late) St Valentine´s day! It was a really good week for us. I love it here in Mexico! All the people a re very kind, well 95%. Some are just necio! But I still love it here. The weather is starting to heat up and I'm sure by next month we will be up in the 90s.
We were able to baptize J. Sunday. It was pretty rough. First she didn't come to sacrament meeting so we went and looked for her in her house. We found her but in a state of wreckage! She was crying and everything because her grandma didn't let her go to church. We started talking to her grandma and her grandma came clean and basically told us that her grand-daughter was the devil because J didn't listen and was always arguing with her and all that jazz. She then told us that she doesn't like "our religion" because she doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon. She hasn't even taken the time to read it so she can't say anything on that subject. Anyways, she kept going on and on about how we were wrong in letting J be baptized. She said "I wash my hands with this decision. God knows what you are doing and he will hold you accountable." I didn't say anything but in my mind I was thinking, Let the sin fall on my hands then. I will gladly baptize her. It reminded me of Pilot when he washed his hands saying that Christ´s blood would be upon the people and not him. Anyways, we talked with J and calmed her down and she came to the last hour of church and was baptized. It was a great experience because while leaving the water she gave me a high five and a fist pound because she couldn't hug me. Then she did a little Rock Star knee slide into the bathroom to change. The look on her face was priceless ad it reminded me of why I'm here. Why we really share the gospel with everyone. It brings an ETERNAL happiness and not a temporary one. The church is true. All I ask is that you try it out for yourselves. Just do it. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Elder Dial

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