Monday, January 19, 2015

Surprise Transfer Jan. 19th 2015

Wow! That's crazy to hear that Ryan and Rebecca have finished their missions! 
Well, I've got good news, bad news, great news, and worse news!! Which do you want first? I honestly don't know why I asked you which you want to hear first because it really doesn't matter but here it goes. Good news; E is progressing wonderfully! Bad news; I wont be here for her baptism :( But the great news is that I'm returning to the land of my inheritance!!! Worse News; I'm leaving tomorrow!! President called me yesterday and told me that I am having "special transfers." I will be returning to my first zone! That's right, if you can remember almost 2 years ago, I started my mission in Tres Valles in the Tierra Blanca stake. Well, now I will finish my mission where I started. I will be a zone leader in the Teirra Blanca zone. I'm excited and a little sad to leave the area I'm in right now. I will be excited because I will be able to sweat off a few LBs before I return home and I'll be able to see a few of my converts from Tres Valles. 
I haven't even been in this area a full transfer but the Lord has other things in store for me. As I told you last week my mission President told me that I had more potential than I knew, well I guess this is the call I've been waiting for. It's hard to leave an area. You would think that it would be easier than all my other areas but its not. I've only been in this area for about a month and all my other areas I've been in  for 4.5 months. Well, more people have cried at the news of my leaving in this area than in all my other areas! Its funny how I've spent so little time here but I feel like I've been here forever with all the relationships I've been able to create. First off with N and his family! In every area there will always be a family that takes you in as their own child and that's exactly what N and his family did! I felt right at home with them! They are an amazing family and N will be a great missionary.
Speaking of missionary, J, a member here, got set apart yesterday to serve as a full time missionary!! I LOVE this work!!! Today as I was saying goodbye to E, she started crying which almost made me cry. She told me thanks for helping her see clearly. That's one of the greatest compliments a missionary could receive!! I love teaching the Restored Gospel for that very reason! I've said it a million times but I'll keep saying it; When we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our lives change for the better! All I'm asking is that you experiment on my words and try it! I promise that the Lord will bless you and you will find peace and happiness in a world full of danger and sin. I know this church is true! Live the Gospel and not just listen to it! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a "Spectators sport!" We are in the game and we must PLAY in order to win! And always remember who our Coach is. Now go play your hearts out! 

Elder Dial

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  1. Hermana Jones is sad to see Elder Dial go....she says he was a wonderful district leader! All the best to Elder Dial in his next area.