Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trek Training

These are the roads I walk on everyday now. They remind me a lot of the Pioneer Trek. On that trek we learned that we could do hard things. Sometimes a mission is one of those hard things but it is so worth it.

  This is why it is so worth it!
           So this week has gone by pretty fast. On Tuesday we had zone class which was pretty good but we couldn't return home until about 8 because the people here love to create problems! Yes again people couldn't pass because of another strike. We took a taxi the back way but we could only go so far. But we ended up having like 6 to 10 cars following us. It was pretty entertaining. But I thought of an object lesson. We as missionaries and members are the taxi drivers and the taxi represents the Gospel. We know where we should be going.  When other cars or people are lost, if they will follow us we can show them the way home and they can receive eternal life.                                                           

  And then on Wednesday we baptized J.! His mother and brothers are scheduled to be baptized these next two weeks. I hope I can watch conference in English because Prophets are so important and I want to be able to understand all that they have to say! Even though my Spanish is getting better, I don't want to miss a single word. I hope everybody takes time to watch and listen to Conference.Well Thursday was the dud day of the week. it was a normal day. But Friday I took on the role as senior companion because Elder G. had to go to Veracruz with the District Leader. So I was companions with Elder S. for the day. Boy did we get to work! We contacted 21 people and got 5 new investigators all in one day!! And then Saturday elder G. and I went back to work and contacted another 10 people. It amazes me how many people want or are willing to hear our message but aren't willing to take the steps necessary for their salvation like read and pray and attend church. We can sit there and teach them all day but unless they take the initiative and do something and apply the things that they learn, it is all in vain.
Sunday I played the Piano in sacrament meeting and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be but it wasn't my best either. Well I hope all is well I love you all!
Elder Dial
Our Zone

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