Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Good-bye to My First Companion

Well this past week was my last week with Elder G. He is leaving but I am staying and my companion will be  Elder C. He only has 6 months on his mission so we are both pretty new.
So last week after I wrote I had an experience that I won't soon forget. A man was walking and flagged us down. He asked us this haunting question, "What is easier, suicide? Or believing what you guys believe?" I was shocked. The answer was obvious but what more could we say to help him? He was in a horrible situation, I don't want to go into detail but it was pretty bad. So we set up an appointment in the Chapel for him the following day. We haven't heard from him since. I fear the worst. There is always a better way. The Lord loves each of his children and is ALWAYS there to help! No matter what trials we may face, we can overcome them with the help of the Lord.

The work here is slowing down though. We haven't had a baptism in a couple weeks. None of our investigators went to church even when we went to pick them up. It's disheartening but it just means we have to work harder.
I hope all is well and I pray for you always. Love you and may the Lord continue to bless each of you in all you do.  Love Elder Parker Dial

Some of the local Wild Life

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