Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Birthday!

So talk about a spiritual feast!! Man conference was amazing!! Yes, I was able to watch it in English! I loved them all! I literally can't pick a favorite! I love that a lot were about missionary work both to the full time AND members! It is crucial that the members learn to work with the missionaries. I was able to baptize a little 11 year old boy this past week. He is such a wonderful kid. His mom is getting baptized this Sunday. Watching conference strengthened my will to be here and to teach the message of the restored Gospel to ALL!
This past week has been so hot!! it's been so hot we've had black outs. they don't last very long.... only about 10 minutes or so but still. Luckily today we're getting some rain. Last night we had a storm! It was amazing!... other than the fact that it woke me up around 2 AM due to the thunder sounding like its 10 feet away. But it was awesome. 
So yes my birthday is this Thursday and thank you all for the birthday wishes! The one thing I want for my birthday, is for you to serve. It was stated in conference may times. ALL of us have been called by a prophet of God to labor in the field. The field is White and ready to harvest and the Lord needs ALL who are capable and worthy. So if you want to get me something for my birthday, serve another. Go out of your way to help just one person. I loved what Elder M Russell Ballard said, that if every member reached out and touched just one person by Christmas, Millions will be blessed!! That is what I will be doing on Thursday and there is no greater gift. I also want you to write a short little note explaining your service and who you served and send it to me. 
This is my prayer, that we may apply what we have learned from our church leaders. It is only when we ACT that we receive the blessings. "We receive no witness

until after the trial of our faith" Ether 12:6. I hope and pray the Lord may continue to bless all of you in your lives. Love you all and pray for you also.

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