Saturday, August 16, 2014

Just Pray the Truck Starts 8/4/2014

So a lot of good things happened this week! First off, my testimony of fasting and prayer has grown a ton. Friday we decided to fast so that our investigators would go to church. With a lot of prayer coupled with the fast, we were able to have 7 attend church. It was AWESOME!!!! Fasting shouldn't be a once a month thing. We can fast anytime. 
Then after church, we had a baptism!! It was suppose to be in our house of prayer but there wasn't any water to fill the fount. So we went to a different chapel. Also it was suppose to be at 1, after the services, but we had a family history lesson where two people came in and talked to the ward for an hour about how to fill out the little booklet "My Family" It was pretty funny because it started and there were about 50 members. By the time the guy finished talking, there were about 15 people. We as missionaries teach our investigators how to fill out the same booklet. So now we are late for the baptism. We only had an hour time gap between the two wards that meet in this other chapel and now we only had about 30 minutes before the other ward was going to start. So we run to the truck of a member, hop in the back, and it wont start!!! After about 5 minutes of praying, the truck finally starts and we go flying to the chapel. It was another testimony builder for me that God answers prayers. Needless to say, it was the fastest baptism I've performed. The guy we baptized was talking with me after and was saying how amazing and at peace he felt. It was a a really great feeling. 
Hope all is well with everyone.Wish you the best of luck. Love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Dial

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