Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Trying new things!

I am having a little trouble with the blog this week....sorry. We have tried all night to upload an audio file with no luck. Then the text went all funny on me.....again so sorry! This really is how short his email was this week. Hopefully there will be more next week! Pauline

We only had one baptism but it went great. The other two are hopefully next week. So cool story, we had one of our investigators come to the baptism and after, he came up to us and asked "when can I get Baptized"? We set him up for 2 weeks from now. He felt the spirit so strong and realized he wanted that in his life.
We always eat with the members. This week I ate the grossest thing so far. It was boiled pig skin. 

So as i am writing this a drunk guy comes up and asks for money. I didn't understand completely, but my companion did and gave a little. 
I can't believe BSU lost that bad! How many interceptions were there? How was our Defense and Offense? What was everyone saying after the loss?

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