Monday, September 9, 2013

My First Tarantula

 Last weeks Baptism
 Check out the sweet watch tan line!

 Representing Boise State
 Representing Borah
 The mother's baptism this week
 The suit is getting a little baggy!

  I got a package from the Lothspeichs. It's been in the Mission home for about a week but I probably wont get it for another week or so but tell them thanks so much. I will probably be staying in the same area when transfers happen.
   So they have a Parker Store here. You know the Parker store that you pass on your way to Roaring Springs on Overland? That same store, At least I think it's the same store. Oh and the members house we had lunch at had the exact same kitchen chairs we have at home. Unless you bought a new kitchen set to go with the new car.
 So we baptized the mother of the young woman we baptized last week, this week. Its confusing sorry, but my companion baptized her and I was the witness. Hopefully their cousin and Aunt will be baptized soon.
   So today was interesting. We went to Tierra Blanca for a Zone activity. We played Kickball which was fun but on our way back the bus we were on turned around so we had to get off. I don't know why it turned around but anyways, we ended up walking for a bit until a guy in a pickup offered us a ride. So we road in the back the rest of the way. 
   Things I miss from home besides the people are Panda Express and milk. They have Nesquick here so it makes the milk drinkable, but I am really craving Chinese food! I have lost a little bit of weight out here. I don't know if it is all the walking or the fact that we don't eat very much after 2:00. We have lunch at a members house at 2:00 but no dinner appointments. They ask me what I like to eat and I always tell, them meat, corn and potatoes so they usually make that for us.  We save our cereal for in the morning and eat very little in the evening. 
  I have become like dad in that I sweep the floor twice a day. Sorry dad for all those years of making messes. 

   We played volleyball and it started to rain. We got drenched so we ended a little early. We were walking with one of our investigators and decided to stop by a members house. I looked down and about 5 feet in front of me there is a tarantula. The first one I have seen here in Mexico. I get my companions attention and the member starts freaking out to kill it. I was memorized by it and didn't move but the investigator just stepped on it and you could hear the crunch. After that I decided that I don't want to step on them so I want to get some spider killer spray to carry in my pocket and let it takes its course. Which I bought some 2 weeks ago.
A Happy Missionary and his Zone

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