Thursday, February 6, 2014

P-Day's are fun but a Baptism is Better!

"A kindness put off until tomorrow becomes only a bitter regret" 

So this past week has been pretty good and a little wierd also. For starters, we had a baptism Saturday and then later that day he proposed to his girlfriend who is a member. So In one year they will be going to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity! I hope I can go to the temple with them. That's why I love missionary work. I get to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and get to see the changes that it makes in peoples lives. I also get to prepare them to enter the temple and there make sacred covenants that are essencial for exaltaion (D&C 131).

so as I'm writing the power goes out. It isnt the first time this has happened. It hapened saturday night as we were walking back from the baptism. We saw a big flash in the distance but didnt hear a bang or anything and then all the lights went out. I half expected death eaters from Harry Potter to come out and attack us. Or worse, some Mexican to jump out and attept to rob us. Needless to say I was ready for both. So as of right now I'm writing this letter on a members PSP.
So I don't have much time to write but I did have a strange experience this week. We were walking to an appointment when a drunk came up to us and “presented” us with this challenge. He said, “if you have the power of God, heal me of my desire to drink and I will become Mormon” I was tempted to reach out and do it but I was reminded of Jesus when he was in the desert and was tempted by Satan. I was then reminded that miracles don't convert people. We told the guy that if he wanted to know if we had this power he needed to go to church and take the missionary lessons because the spirit converts people, not miracles. And also, maybe the miracle he is looking for wont come in the form he wants. Anyway, love you all and have a great week.

Elder Dial
And now for some pictures of this beautiful area I am in and some fun we had on P-Day!

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