Thursday, February 6, 2014

Close Call

Elder and Sister Johnson's Visit To Villa Rica

"To do today's work well and not bother about tomorrow is the secret of accomplishment." -William Osler

Well for starters I must apologize because I won't be sending voice recordings or pictures this week due to the fact that we are in a different Cyber and they don't have any place to connect my camera to or recorder. 
This week was pretty good. Well the end of the week. Saturday we had a conference with our Area President, Elder Johnson. His wife is from Sugar City, Idaho and knows some Dial's from Utah. Well she asked me if I was related to any Dials in Utah and I told her about Jay and Linda but I dont know for sure who she was talking about. Anyways, we had the conference with the bishops and stake presidents. The topic was how to work with members. So I know, if there is a strong push for working with members here in Mexico, there is also a push for members to get involved in the US. So are you involved in missionary work and can you be doing more than you are right now? The work is hastening that is for sure!
Also this week we had a pet for the night. A family in our ward wanted a new dog. Well, one of our recent converts has a dog who just a litter of puppies a little over a month ago. The recent convert is looking to give the puppies away, so my companion and I took the family a new puppy. They loved it!! All except....wait for it....the father. Sound familiar dad? Anyways, it was 9PM and the family decided they better not keep dog so we ended up taking it home with us until the morning. Like all dogs here in Mexico, it needed a bath so yes I bathed it.

Needless to say, I once again had a dog to curl up with. It made me really miss Duke. Puppies are nice during the day but terrors at night!!!  Oh my.... the dog would not shut up!!! It kept crying until about midnight!!! At that moment I felt like dad . It is a very cute puppy but I'm never going to have a puppy again. If I get another dog it will be an adult. 

So I thought I was going to get robbed this week. My companion and I were walking with a member who walks with a limp and we were walking and 2 guys approached me, as I was lagging behind with the member, and she kept walking. Anyways, they asked me if I was going to go in a certain direction and I told them no. It was scarey because they approached me from both sides. But don't worry all is well and I was ready to defend myself.
. Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week. More pictures and voice recordings to come next week. 

Love Elder Dial

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