Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Reyes Magos....the Celebration of the Wisemen

So this week was very wierd. It started tuesday when I ate so much food that I threw up. The Hermana Brought out this huge dessert and, well having the Freeman blood running through me, I couldn't not eat it. Needless to say I enjoyed it the first time but the second time I wasn't to thrilled.
This week we celebrated Reyes Magos. It's where we celebrate the arrival of the wise men when they visited Jesus.

 If you remember, we celebrated it with Jay and Linda a couple of years ago. It was when we had that pie and who ever found the almond was "the King" or the winner. Well here if you find the "muñeco" you lose. Muñeco is a small plastic doll. About the size of my pinky toe. Luckily I didn't find it this year so I didn't have to make 100 tomales. It was fun and we celebrated it with the ward. 

This week I also had a couple of cool experiences. I don't know if you remember but last week I told you about a blessing we gave. Well she died a week later and well, I felt very sad yes, but to be honest it was an opportunity to teach the plan of salvation.  I felt a little of how, I think it was Arron, felt when he saw the suffering of the laminates. He rejoiced because they were ready to hear the message he had to share. 
We have a couple investigators who are challenging. One only wants to be taught out of the Bible because he is a firm believer that NOTHING should be added to the Bible. But with my studying of this subject, I came to the knowledge that the word Bible actually means "collection of books" and not one book. Also many books were added or taken out of the Bible in the 300-600 AD. He also pretty much has the Bible memorized. My companion wanted to share a scripture and he asked for the reference and he told him and then he quoted it back to my companion. 
Our other investigator is one of those "I need a sign to believe" people. She won't commit to come to church unless she has a desire or wants to as it should be but she has a hard time believing in latter day prophets. She believes that the Bible is all we need and we don't need modern revelation. Really these two investigators are going to need the right kind of teaching combined with the confirmation of the Holy Ghost. We can do it. I´m hoping for a baptismal date soon. 
The new year brought new goals. We have an investigator who needs to quite drinking coffee so to help her with this goal I decided to quite drinking pop. It's going to be dificult because everyone buys pop for us to drink with our meals. So far I'm 100% on this goal and haven't drank pop all week. Speaking of Goals, I would like to remind everyone of their commitments and wish everyone the best of luck on completeing these goals. Love you all and hope you have a great week. 

Elder Dial
These guys just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!

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