Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

First off, Happy 9th anniversary to Aubry and Jeff! Felicidades!!! Also Happy Birthday to Zach, Robert, and Channing!!
Ok it was great to skype with you all! Everyone looks great! Carson, I couldn't tell if it was the camera or not but i think it took off a couple pounds. So anyways, about my week. I had a couple of pretty cool experiences this past week. First off, my companion and I bought a cake and dinner to share with a recent convert who really doesn't have much. His house is about the size of my room and Whitney´s room combined. He is seperated from his wife and has 25 "kids". Really he only has 3 but he has 22 more or less, cats and dogs. These cats and dogs he calls his kids. So if that gives you any idea.  So that was really cool.
The other really cool experience we had happened while we were tracting. We tracted this house full of Catholics. Well they didn't really want anything from us, but their mom was very sick and they recognized us as representatives of Christ and asked us if we could give their mother a blessing. Their mom was about 85-95. It is amazing how people not of our faith recognize us as having the power of God and if anyone can do anything or help in anyway, we can. It was a very powerful experience.
We also took a little 11 year old boy with us one day. We pretty much babysat him which I wasn't to thrilled about because thats not our responsibility. When we left I fireman carried him pretty much to our appointment. It was about 5 PM. After we had to restrain him bby holding on to his wrists. After about 7, when we bought him some candy, we no longer had to hold his wrists but we held his hands instead. It wasn´t until about 8 when we finally had enough trust in him to let him "off leash". That day was a good day. He didn't really interfere with anything. While we were teaching he just sat there, so that was good. 
My plans for New Years are to work, work, and more work. We were invited to a members house (Hermana Lili) and celebrate with them but we still have to be in the house by 9, 9:30 at the latest. 
The week before we had our ward Christmas party. It wasn't as good as the ones I'm used to but it was pretty good. We missionaries sang so that was fun. The next day we had a Stake Christmas party. We had a Mexican Santa there to take pictures with and had games going and again all the missionaries sang. We sang Oh Holy Night. (See pictures in the previous post) Other than that the week has been pretty normal. We had a baptism set up for this past sunday but she, a 20 year old, couldn't get permission from her mother so it didn't happen. I hope all have a wonderfull new year and I hope one of your new goals for the year 2014 is to read the Book of Mormon. I finished it on thursday and I'm going to start D&C now. I hope to finish D&C by the end of February. I love the Book of Mormon! Every time I read it, my testimony grows. I also find new scriptures to highlight and to apply, no matter how many times I've read it before. Hope you all have a great week! Love you all and talk to you next week.

Elder Dial

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