Monday, August 19, 2013

Chickens and dogs run wild!

We sent Parker with a tiny little voice recorder that he can hook into the computer and upload messages. This way he can record his thoughts several times during the week and not have to type them all in the limited amount of time they give him on the computer to send out emails. He was able to send off 4 separate recordings but also typed a few words just in case they didn't send. Here is his typed email:

"ok these voice recordings aren't sending very well. I'll try again. if you don't get them then I'll write what i say if i can remember all of it. anyways, i need ant killer! so many ants in our apartment!. The nights here are bad depending on the weather, if it rains then it is very cool but if not i wake up soaked in sweat.

 Got a letter from Parker Sheehan so that was relly cool and I also got one from Kent and Samantha!!! They both said how proud they were of me. So my first area is like i said hot and humid. The people here are really nice and understanding and know that I don't speak the language very well so they help a lot.

the bracelets work (mosquito repellant) but I don´t think they work as long as they say. They pick up pouch mail every Friday but I probably wont get it until my zone leaders bring it to me. 

Anyways This week has been way better! I had my first baptism on Saturday! A little girl named N. she is 9. After words I couldn´t stop smiling! Then we played volleyball as an activity, in our church clothes. Gave my first talk on Sunday about temples. I´m starting to understand Spanish more and speak it more but it is still a struggle. We´ve had members come teach with us and that has helped a lot. The importance of members is huge! I have yet to see a trantula so thats good! well I have to go. I pray these voice recodings make it love you all so much!"

   Now imagine a rooster crowing in the back ground as I summarize his recordings. He says he feels like captain Kirk from Star Trek making them but it was so cool to hear his voice! He is definitely having a better week. He said there are dogs everywhere running in the streets and starving.He talked about playing volleyball and everybody yelling at him but he couldn't understand if they were trash talking him or encouraging him so he took it as they were cheering for his really great skills that he learned from his friends Mandi and Stacia. He said when it rains it is a downpour and luckily it rains everyday almost because it cools things off at night. They have no hot water but that is ok because after being so hot all day a cold shower feels great. He said the Mission President Training fireside we had a couple of months ago doesn't apply to them. So far the only thing they can use the computer or any electronics for is to email on p-day. The phone rang during one of the recordings so I got to hear him speak Spanish. He actually did very well I thought....until he started speaking English! HA HA   
   He has felt the Lord's blessings as he struggled. An experience he shared was that as he and his companion were coming out of the church in one of the downpours, Lighting struck the lighting rod they have at the Church just feet in front of them. He said he could hear the zipp and static and then the huge clap of thunder. It really took him back and he realized how protected he was and it woke him up to thinking of Heavenly Father saying "Hey this is my time. Stop worrying about home and get to work." He hasn't been homesick since. He still misses all of you and is grateful for your letters, love and prayers in his behalf.


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