Monday, August 12, 2013

First E-Mail from Mexico

This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do! I don't understand the language and it's so hot here! My first area is in Tierra Blanca and it is the hottest area in the mission. The humidity is horrible! I've never sweat this much before! Try taking a shower in a small room and not turning on the fan and then you'll be close to how it feels in Mexico. Like I said this is so hard!  Every morning I wake up and pray for the strength to make it through the day. I couldn't do this without the help of the Lord. I have never prayed harder in my life.
My trainer is Elder G and he is a from the Dominican Republic and he speaks very little English. We get long great. I m teaching him English and he is teaching me Spanish.
Our apartment is horrible. I sleep on a mattress on the floor and there are constantly bugs and lizards and spiders everywhere! I was cleaning this morning and killed more spiders today than I would in an entire month in Boise. The people here are great and understanding.
Yes my Pday is on Monday. I miss you all so much! Like I've said before there is nothing harder than this! But I know the Church is true no matter where you are. Even though I miss everyone I know I need to be here.
Sorry I didn't write much but I had to email my mission president and read like 15 emails!!  Love you all so much but I could really use some help. I can't do this alone! (sounds like Parker would love a few extra prayers)
Sorry no pictures yet. Not a lot of time. But I do have a baptism set up for Saturday. It was suppose to be yesterday but it didn't happen.

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