Friday, June 28, 2013

Elder Dial enters the MTC

On June 26, 2013 Elder Parker Dial prepared to enter the MTC.
After his free breakfast at IHOP (a perk of being a missionary) the family headed to the Provo temple and took pictures.
Mom and Elder Dial

The four Dial children

Group shoot, minus Claire and Jack (who was sleeping)

Very proud parents with the Elder.

Claire giving Uncle Parker a big hug goodbye.

Saying goodbye to Ethan.

This kid will change the most before Elder Dial returns!

We loaded all four Dial children into the car because we are now only allowed one car for the drop off. We pulled in and the first person we talked to was this nice man. 
He asked if it was an Elder or Sister and then put a blue sticky note on the car. He then said, "Follow the flow of traffic, pull up to the next open spot and then Mom you have two and a half minutes to say goodbye to that Idaho boy."

We all got out of the car and met Elder Dial's escort. He was a very nice young man from Sandpoint, Idaho. He told us he was going to Victoria Brazil and was going to receive his reassignment while he waited for his visa. He told us about how well they were going to take care of our dear Elder and what was going to happen. He then asked Elder Dial if he had any keys or cell phones he needed to give to his family and then we all said our final goodbyes and then Elder Dial headed into the MTC. 
He is ready and excited to go and serve the Lord, just look at his smile!

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